Monday, October 26, 2020

Microsoft unlocks the full potential of the smart building ecosystem

It is impossible to understate the profound impact 2020 events have had on the real estate industry. Buildings of all kinds, from commercial offices to retail, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and more, remain in need of transformative solutions that will enable employees to return to work safely. In times of crisis, it is innovation that transforms challenges into opportunities. Posted at

Friday, October 23, 2020

Learn about data science and coding with Fei Fei, the hero from the Netflix Original, ‘Over the Moon’

This summer, Microsoft launched the Global Skills Initiative aimed at helping 25 million people worldwide acquire new digital skills. And since that announcement, we’ve helped 10 million people gain skills to better navigate digital transformation. We believe it’s imperative to help everyone who wants it to have access to learning technology that powers the digital economy. Those who create technology will shape our future, and there shouldn’t be barriers to learning the skills required to do so. We’re helping prepare today’s learners for jobs of tomorrow in multiple technical fields, from development to data science and machine learning, and more. Our goal is to...

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Create Labs Within Microsoft Teams Using New Azure Labs Integration Features

This post was written by Sagar Chandra Reddy Lankala in collaboration with Ji Eun Kwon. Sagar and Ji Eun currently serve as the Program Managers for Azure Lab Services at Microsoft.   We are excited to announce that the integration of Azure Lab Services with Microsoft Teams is now generally available. With this new integration, you can now create labs within a team and provision VM’s to everyone on the team membership list.   Creation of a lab within a team simplifies the entire workflow and provides the following benefits –   Educators can set up labs and students can access their VMs within Teams,...

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Managing Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Going beyond native tools

This is a guest blog post by Babak Roushanaee, Director of Enterprise Strategy at NETSCOUT and editor of ONUG’s Observability working group.

IT admins can manage and monitor Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops through native tools like Citrix Studio, …


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Thursday, October 22, 2020

AIを活用し、セキュリティリスクを 可視化する!Citrix Analytics for Security



この記事では当社が提供するCitrix Analytics Serviceから、セキュリティ対策にフォーカスしたCitrix Analytics for Securityのご紹介をしたいと思います。今回の記事を作成にあたり、日本のCitrix ディストリビューターの株式会社ネットワールド様と共同検証を行い、その検証結果をもとにした情報をご提供させていただきます。

◆ なぜ、セキュリティ対策にCitrix Analytics が必要なのか?



Citrix Analyticsソリューションを使うことで、企業や組織は、潜在的な脅威を検出して回避できるようになるほか、内部不正によるセキュリティインシデントが発生する前や、従業員が「仮想デスクトップの動作が遅い!」のようにパフォーマンスの問題をヘルプデスクに申告する前に、問題を察知して迅速に対処できるようになります。

◆ Citrix Analytics for Security のアーキテクチャと動作概要

Analytics for Securityは様々なCitrix製品(および一部のサードパーティ製品)から収集したログをもとに、ユーザーの行動を学習・分析、ポリシーに基づきリスクにつながる行動をしたユーザーに対し、自動アクションを実行します。



Citrix Analyticsが分析するデータ(ログ)を供給するクラウド及びオンプレミスの製品/サービスを指します。例えば仮想クライアント管理サービスのCitrix Virtual Apps and Desktops サービスや、クラウドストレージサービスのContent Collaboration、オンプレミス環境に配置したCitrix Gatewayなどがこれに該当します。





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