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Guest Users and Project for the web

We now have guest access in Project for the web, but in the early testing we have seen some anomalies raised by customers (and MVPs - thanks Erik and Paul).  There are a lot of settings across M365 that control what guests can do - but none appeared to explain the difference we were seeing from tenant to tenant.  So, what was different and what can you do about it?  First, I'll explain the difference I was seeing.




In one tenant (see screenshot above) I could add an existing guest (you can't invite new guests from Project - that is expected) and it allowed me to choose between adding them to the group or just making an assignment.  I could also add them manually to the members list.  All good!  In my other test tenant, I could add them to a task, and they were assigned - but not added to the group - and listed instead as "other people" - and I couldn't see them listed to add them to a group - at least in Project (I could in Outlook or AAD).



On the face of it everything looked the same about the guest user (it was the same account) and even the tenant.  A quick play around with F12 developer tools and I could see when I browsed to add a new member and it was not finding the guest, the actual query had a filter - "userType%20ne%20%27Guest%27" - so not suprising that my guest wasn't found!  I then tried Ctrl-F5 to fully refresh the page and look through the other calls going to the service, to see if there was any clue to why it wasn't looking for guests.  These few calls looked like they were getting various settings that might impact the page:



and without too much looking I found that "GroupSettings" looked interesting.  It was calling out to an API to get TenantSetting/GroupSettings.  The response it got was {"value":[]} - basically a NULL array.  Odd.  I tried the same thing on my working tenant and saw the response as this:




This looked familiar as I'd set some of these values in the past using PowerShell.  A great article that describes all this can be found at Azure Active Directory cmdlets for configuring group settings .  I looked at both of my tenants to see what settings were present, using Get-AzureADDirectorySetting -All $true.  My tenant that didn't resolve the guest came back empty:




In my tenant that did show some settings I saw what I expected:




It appeared that I had no specific settings configured, and in that case the NULL array returned didn't give Project the information it needed to know that guests were ok to resolve.  I'm not sure at this point whose bug this is - Azure AD for not having any defaults show up - or Project for not filling in the gaps.  We will see who gets to fix it.  But to fix it yourself you just need your tenant admin to follow steps in the article listed above to set the settings they want - and assuming they don't block guests you should then be able to assign and add guests to your projects and they will be members.  CTRL-F5 once the Group Settings are present, and then I can add my guest to members:




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Experiencing Data Access Issue for Log Analytics in North Central US - 05/12 - Resolved

Final Update: Thursday, 12 May 2022 20:53 UTC

We've confirmed that all systems are back to normal with no customer impact as of 05/12, 19:48 UTC. Our logs show the incident started on 05/12, 19:11 UTC and that during the 37 minutes that it took to resolve the issue some of the customers using Log Analytics in North Central US Region may have experienced issues accessing data as well as missed or delayed Alerts.
  • Root Cause: The failure was due to issues with one of the backend Services.
  • Incident Timeline:  37 minutes - 05/12, 19:11 UTC through 05/12, 19:48 UTC
We understand that customers rely on Azure Log Analytics as a critical service and apologize for any impact this incident caused.


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New Release: SharePointDsc v5.2 has been published!

This new release of SharePointDsc includes one new resource (SPSearchCrawlDatabase), improved logging and several bugfixes. It also includes a fix for a bug introduced in v5.1, where the SPSearchIndexPartition would only return the first server running the index partition. Checkout the change log below for more information about all changes.


You can find the SharePointDsc v5.2 in the PowerShell Gallery.


NOTE: We can always use additional help in making SharePointDsc even better. So, if you are interested in contributing to SharePointDsc, check-out the open issues in the issue list, check-out this post in our Wiki or leave a comment on this blog post.


Improvement/Fixes in v5.2:


  • SharePointDsc
    • Added the SPShellAdmin resource to the ReverseDsc export
    • Updated ReverseDsc version requirement to
  • SPFarmPropertyBag
    • Added support for boolean and int32 data types
  • SPInstall
    • Added additional ExitCode for incorrect license key
  • SPSearchCrawlDatabase
    • New resource
  • SPSearchIndexPartition
    • Added additional logging to improve troubleshooting
  • SPShellAdmin
    • Added additional logging to improve troubleshooting
    • Added Export logic
  • SPWebAppPeoplePickerSettings
    • Added the CustomFilter parameter to the resource
    • Added the ShortDomainName parameter to the resource


  • SharePointDsc
    • Fixed incorrect table formatting in the resource table of the Wiki
  • SPSearchIndexPartition
    • Fixed issue where only one index component was returned after a regression issue in v5.1
  • SPSearchServiceApp
    • Fixed issue where the database permissions were not corrected for new search service applications.
  • SPShellAdmin
    • Fixed issue where the farm account was the owner of the database. Now including the farm account in those cases.
  • SPWebApplication
    • Fixed an issue where the Set method tried to use the Parameter SecureSocketsLayer with Set-SPWebApplication on SharePoint Server older than Subscription Edition.
  • SPWebAppPeoplePickerSettings
    • Fixed an issue where the Set method would not update a non-mandatory parameter on an existing SPWebAppPPSearchDomain


A huge thanks to the following guys helping with submitting Pull Requests, testing deployments and submitting issues:
Christoph Hannappel and Bart Vermeersch!


Also, a huge thanks to everybody else who submitted issues and all that support this project. It wasn’t possible without all of your help!


For more information about how to install and use SharePointDsc, check our Wiki.


Let us know in the comments what you think of this release! If you find any issues, please submit them in the issue list on GitHub.


Happy SharePointing!!

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Zyxel silently fixes critical RCE vulnerability in firewall products

Threat analysts who discovered a vulnerability affecting multiple Zyxel products report that the network equipment company fixed it via a silent update pushed out two weeks ago. [...] Posted at

Azure Marketplace new offers – May 11, 2022

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 92 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Get it now in our marketplace

Activity-Based Intelligence with Video Analytics.png

Activity-Based Intelligence with Video Analytics: NASH from Blueprint Technologies harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure Databricks to perform pattern-of-life analysis from within your video assets. Identify patterns in object movement, detect anomalies, and recommend other areas of interest where observed behaviors match.

Alfresco Content Services Community Dev.png

Alfresco Content Services Community Dev: This offer from Tenthline provides a virtual machine containing Alfresco Content Services, an open-source enterprise content management system. System administrators and developers can use it to quickly test and develop modules for Alfresco Content Services.

Arcoda Next.png Arcoda Next: Next, from Terranova subsidiary Arcoda, is a field-based information management system for utilities. The mobile application enables access to GIS layers, metadata, and documentation formats, and it offers powerful network analysis features.
AWX 20.0.0 on Ubuntu- Alternative to Ansible Tower.png

AWX 20.0.0 on Ubuntu: Alternative to Ansible Tower: This image offered by Solve DevOps contains AWX 20.0.0 and Ansible Execution Environment 0.6.0 on Ubuntu 20.04. AWX is an IT automation platform that provides a web user interface to run Ansible playbooks. Automate your Windows and Linux deployment and configuration.


DataOps-Suite: DataOps Suite from Datagaps combines the testing automation of ETL with data integration and data management capabilities. With the DataOps Suite, you can achieve CI/CD automation and provision test data so that software rollouts are fast and continuous.

DeepInsights Branch Location Predictor.png

DeepInsights Branch Location Predictor: The Branch Location Predictor of DeepInsights, a cloud-based cognitive computing platform from Mphasis, uses data extraction and predictive analytics to help financial service companies determine the best locations for opening bank branches.

Duck Creek OnDemand (Transact).png

Duck Creek OnDemand (Transact): Duck Creek OnDemand is a low-code solution for property and casualty insurance carriers. Duck Creek OnDemand enables a carriers’ business users to make changes to products and rules to keep pace with business requirements and pursue market opportunities.

EDUardo Business Simulation.png

EDUardo Business Simulation: EDUardo provides business training through modules, simulations, and interactive case studies. These can easily be integrated into learning projects at corporations, colleges, and business schools. Users can explore options and understand the impact of their decisions.

EDUardo Business Simulation (Limited).png

EDUardo Business Simulation (Limited): EDUardo provides business training through modules, simulations, and interactive case studies. These can easily be integrated into learning projects at corporations, colleges, and business schools. Users can explore options and understand the impact of their decisions.

effie logo.png

effie> Modern Trade: The multi-level analytics of effie> help fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) suppliers plan and execute trade marketing and sales strategies in modern retail environments. Using point-of-sale data, suppliers can monitor performance and adjust strategies to increase sales.


EZMonitor: EZMonitor monitors your domains for known misconfigurations that could open the door for an attacker. Protect your organization from phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks with EZMonitor's intelligent alerting, and get full visibility into all your SSL certificates in one convenient dashboard.

GLens- Climate Accounting (Knowledge Lens).png

GLens- Climate Accounting (Knowledge Lens): GLens provides up-to-the-minute information on emissions, effluent discharges, and ambient air quality. This enables manufacturers, mining operations, and others in the industrial sector to control pollution and meet regulatory standards.

Grafana Statistics Dashboard on Linux CentOS 7.9.png

Grafana Statistics Dashboard on CentOS 7.9: This ready-to-run image from Tidal Media provides Grafana on CentOS 7.9. Grafana is an open-source analytics and visualization application. From heatmaps to histograms, Grafana lets you visualize your data any way you want.

Grafana Statistics Dashboard on Linux CentOS 8.4.png

Grafana Statistics Dashboard on CentOS 8.4: This ready-to-run image from Tidal Media provides Grafana on CentOS 8.4. Grafana is an open-source analytics and visualization application. From heatmaps to histograms, Grafana lets you visualize your data any way you want.

Grafana Statistics Dashboard on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.png

Grafana Statistics Dashboard on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: This ready-to-run image from Tidal Media provides Grafana on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Grafana is an open-source analytics and visualization application. From heatmaps to histograms, Grafana lets you visualize your data any way you want.

Hardened WordPress with support from Hossted.png

Hardened WordPress with Support from Hossted: This offer from Hossted provides a hardened image of WordPress, an open-source content management system. The image is compliant with the Microsoft Azure Security Benchmark and with Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) standards.

Marketing Mix Planner for CPG.png

Marketing Mix Planner for CPG: Co.dx is an AI-powered platform built under TheMathCompany's product division. Marketing Mix Wizard, part of Co.dx's marketing suite of apps, lets consumer packaged goods companies optimize marketing ROI and efficiently allocate funds across offline and online touchpoints.

MidVision RapidDeploy for Ent. App. Connector 12.0.png

MidVision RapidDeploy for Ent. App. Connector 12.0: This offer from MidVision provides RapidDeploy for Enterprise App Connector on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. The MidVision RapidDeploy interface lets you easily upgrade products and deploy, roll back, or redeploy application and configuration changes.

Node.js on CentOS 7.9.png

Node.js on CentOS 7.9: This image from Apps4Rent provides Node.js on CentOS 7.9. Node.js is built on an architecture that allows event-driven programming on web servers, which lets developers create scalable servers without threading.

Node.js on CentOS 8.5.png

Node.js on CentOS 8.5: This image from Apps4Rent provides Node.js on CentOS 8.5. Node.js is built on an architecture that allows event-driven programming on web servers, which lets developers create scalable servers without threading.

Playwright on Azure Functions.png

Playwright on Azure Functions: This offer from provides a framework to deploy your Playwright scripts to Microsoft Azure Functions and scale your browser automation tasks. A zipped archive is included with the files to configure Azure and to deploy serverless Chromium by using Visual Studio Code.

Portainer with support from Hossted.png

Portainer with Support from Hossted: This offer from Hossted provides version 2.11.1 of Portainer, an open-source container management system for Docker environments. Authenticate users, view containers' logs, execute commands in the console of running containers, and manage the creation and deletion of swarm services.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.9 LVM.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.9 LVM: This ready-to-use image from provides a minimal installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9 with a 30-GiB OS disk managed with Logical Volume Manager. The OS disk is partitioned using the GUID Partition Table standard instead of a master boot record.

Selenium on Azure Functions.png

Selenium on Azure Functions: This offer from provides a framework to deploy your Selenium Python scripts to Microsoft Azure Functions and scale your browser automation tasks. A zipped archive is included with the files to configure Azure and to deploy serverless Chromium by using Visual Studio Code.

Staff Check In-Out.png Staff Check In-Out: Staff Check In-Out from LTAPPs offers timekeeping functionality from within Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint. Staff members can check in or check out and include GPS coordinates, and managers can schedule tasks and export to Microsoft Excel.
Vnomic's SAP Landscape Deployment Service.png Vnomic's SAP Landscape Deployment Service: Vnomic's automated and engineered SAP landscape delivery and governance platform as a service eliminates manual processes while meeting SAP and Microsoft performance, security, governance, and compliance requirements.
Windows Server 2022 with FTP.png

Windows Server 2022 with FTP: This offer from Belinda CZ s.r.o. provides Windows Server 2022 with FileZilla, an open-source, cross-platform FTP application. Features include IP address restrictions, disk quota limits, virtual folders, user groups, and support for log saving.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

AI and ML- 2-Day Proof of Concept.png AI and ML: 2-Day Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, Crayon will walk through Microsoft Azure HDInsight and Azure Databricks, then collaborate with your organization on a strategic use case to justify larger initiatives.
AI-Enabled Chatbot- 12-Month Implementation.png

AI-Enabled Chatbot: 12-Month Implementation: Agile Applications will deploy the Microsoft Bot Framework so your local government or council can set up an AI-enabled chatbot. By using decision trees, the chatbot will be able to answer complex queries from the public.

App Enhancements Using AI- 12-Week Implementation.png

App Enhancements Using AI: 12-Week Implementation: Rise Technology will use Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning studio to enrich your application capabilities. Take your apps to the next level with content analysis, advanced language models, speech-to-text services, and more.

Azure Analytics Solution- 5-Month Implementation.png

Azure Analytics Solution: 5-Month Implementation: PSC will use Microsoft Power BI and Azure Synapse to analyze and visualize your company's distributed data. Support business growth by realizing your data analysis work in a seamless cloud environment. This service is available only in Japanese.

Azure Application- 8-Week Implementation.png

Azure Application: 8-Week Implementation: Oxware Technologies will implement, deploy, and integrate a Microsoft Azure-native application or service customized to fit your unique business requirements and environment.

Azure Arc for Server Pilot- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Arc for Server Pilot: 4-Week Proof of Concept: This proof of concept from Devoteam will provide an end-to-end implementation of Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled servers, from onboarding to installing various Azure services, like Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Azure Arc for Servers Enabled- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Arc for Servers Enabled: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Softserve's proof of concept will bring your server-based infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Arc and enable Azure hybrid security, compliance, logging, and monitoring services.

Azure Databricks- 1-Day CX Workshop.png

Azure Databricks: 1-Day CX Workshop: Blueprint Technologies and its different accelerators will help you develop a solid internal culture around Microsoft Azure Databricks. This workshop can be held on-site or virtually for teams with a minimum of five members. A basic knowledge of Azure Databricks is recommended.

Azure Databricks- 1-Day Retail Automation Workshop.png

Azure Databricks: 1-Day Retail Automation Workshop: Accelerate your retail automation analytics with an Azure Databricks hackathon facilitated by Blueprint Technologies. The curriculum will provide immediate value for developers, designers, and technical product managers.

Azure Databricks- 1-Day Workshop for Flexible Supply Chain.png

Azure Databricks: 1-Day Workshop for Flexible Supply Chain: Blueprint Technologies' specialists in Azure Databricks will lead a hackathon to accelerate your retail supply chain analytics. Quickly generate solutions with nearly 30 different accelerators from Blueprint.

Azure Databricks- 2-Week Advertising Upselling Proof of Concept.png

Azure Databricks: 2-Week Advertising Upselling Proof of Concept: Blueprint Technologies will deliver a proof of concept of an advertising accelerator using Azure Databricks. The accelerator provides a fully functional data science notebook designed to save your data engineers and data scientists weeks or months of development time.

Azure Databricks- 2-Week Threat Detection Proof of Concept.png

Azure Databricks: 2-Week Threat Detection Proof of Concept: Blueprint Technologies will deliver a proof of concept of its anomaly detection module. Uncover unknown threat patterns using the scalability of Azure Databricks, and jump-start your threat detection experimentation with prebuilt code and sample data.

Azure Databricks for Retail SKU Item Mix- 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Databricks for Retail SKU Item Mix: 1-Day Workshop: Blueprint Technologies' hackathons accelerate the training of your workforce and drive the creation of solutions powered by Azure Databricks. In this one, Blueprint will focus on analytics pertaining to retail and stock-keeping units (SKUs).

Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service- 1-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service: 1-Week Proof of Concept: CCS Technologies will help you design a low-cost model to replicate your IT setup and its data and minimize downtime in the event of a site failure. This offer includes a proof of concept and a cost analysis for up to five systems.

Azure Foundation- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Foundation: 4-Week Implementation: Let Devoteam provide you with a solid foundation for your cloud journey. In this implementation, Devoteam will build an Azure landing zone aligned with best practices and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

Azure Foundations- 3-Week Implementation.png

Azure Foundations: 3-Week Implementation: Insight's accelerated foundation approach incorporates a bespoke design that maps the governance principles and capabilities of the Microsoft Azure enterprise scaffold with the specific needs of your business.

Azure Immersion Workshop- Infrastructure Migration.png

Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration: Devoteam's hands-on workshop for IT project managers and IT pros focuses on the value, process, and tools involved in migrating on-premises infrastructure and line-of-business applications to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Kickstart Program- 2-Week Workshop.png

Azure Kickstart Program: 2-Week Workshop: Accelerate your cloud initiatives with the help of CDI. CDI will implement a cloud solution that's either native to Microsoft Azure or an extension of your on-premises environment.

Azure Kubernetes- 60-Day Implementation.png

Azure Kubernetes: 60-Day Implementation: In this implementation, Long View Systems will facilitate the design and deployment of an Azure Kubernetes environment. This service accelerates application development and helps clients gain value from their Azure investment using a phased approach to containerization adoption.

Azure Networking CMMC-Compliant Configuration.png

Azure Networking CMMC-Compliant Configuration: Summit 7 will simplify the deployment of your Microsoft Azure landing zone to meet Level 2 requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program.

Azure Platform Solution- 12-Month Managed Service.png

Azure Platform Solution: 12-Month Managed Service: In this managed service, Inetum-Realdolmen will ensure your Microsoft Azure environment stays in good shape. Benefit from a combination of automation, reactive services, and proactive services, backed by a highly specialized customer team.

Azure Stack HCI- 3-Hour Workshop.png

Azure Stack HCI: 3-Hour Workshop: Move AS will conduct a comprehensive walkthrough of Azure Stack HCI, how it differs from Azure and Azure Stack Hub, and how it can be used in your organization. You'll also get a breakdown of the pros and cons of choosing this solution over other hyperconverged solutions.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Implementation: In this offer, Devoteam will provide assistance for migration scenarios involving other virtual desktop infrastructure solutions, like Citrix or RDS. Each Azure Virtual Desktop implementation is different in terms of complexity, scale, cost, and duration.

Azure VMware Solution- 6-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure VMware Solution: 6-Week Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, Brainscale will assess your digital estate and set up a landing zone for a Microsoft Azure VMware Solution environment. Five test virtual machines will be migrated using live migration (vMotion) and bulk migration (replication-based) methods.

Cloud Modernization for ​​Monolithic Apps- 6-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Modernization for ​​Monolithic Apps: 6-Week Implementation: This modernization plan from OpenSistemas, intended for monolithic customer applications without dependencies, will take your website, database, or mobile app back end and build or modify existing cloud infrastructure to accommodate it. This service is available only in Spanish.

Data Engineering and Data Analytics- 4-Week Implementation.png

Data Engineering and Data Analytics: 4-Week Implementation: Get insights into your data with intuitive visuals. I2e Consulting will determine your Azure data sources and reporting needs, then integrate data from multiple cloud sources and load it into a staging area for use by a downstream Power BI dashboard.

Digital Transformation- 6-Week Implementation.png

Digital Transformation: 6-Week Implementation: Following Microsoft best practices, Softline will help customers migrate servers, applications, and data to Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS).

IBM Fraud and Abuse Management System on Azure.png

IBM Fraud and Abuse Management System on Azure: IBM will deliver a proof of concept of its FAMS NextGen solution, which helps federal clients and private companies detect various kinds of fraud, calculate risk scores, and monitor compliance.

Azure Sentinel- 1-Day Workshop.png

Microsoft Sentinel: 1-Day Workshop: In this workshop from Crayon, you'll discover threats to your Microsoft 365 environments, learn how to mitigate them, and build a business case for a production deployment of Microsoft Sentinel, including a technical road map.

MLOps Accelerator.png MLOps Accelerator: The MLOps Accelerator team at Neal Analytics will deliver a comprehensive AI proof of concept in about two months. The MLOps Accelerator supports experimentation, helping organizations like yours rapidly transform your model lifecycle management process.

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