To all who come to this site of shared information, welcome! 

Why Advanced Data Solutions?

Advanced Data Solutions is a mindset as much as an organization. It represents the sharing of information through an ability to understand and translate technology for those who may not be familiar, or to provide a fresh view for those who are. This mindset helps to empower individuals and business to maximize their technology investment and is not limited to any single type or industry.

I have created this website to share my experience and the knowledge I continue to gain. I am a senior level, certified, professional and have designed, implemented and continue to support solutions from vendors such as Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix, to name a few. Throughout my career, I have done my best to take note of configuration, troubleshooting and issue resolution. While I may not have the source noted for some, I will do my best to include where it may have originally been found. The collection you find is partially self-generated content, and those posts are not necessarily the opinion or reflective of any other entity. You may find most of this content shared by me on LinkedIn & Twitter as well.

The solutions I provide are not limited to information technology and data management. I also assist with business process development and improvement, audio/visual content and presentation, training and, most importantly, brainstorming. This is about sharing information, brainstorming with someone that has an experienced outside view has proven extremely valuable for many.

I hope that you find this content beneficial as it continues to grow!