Friday, November 22, 2019

Accessible Learning in the Biology Classroom

Angela Davila is a teacher with Katy Independent School District in Texas. She recently had the chance to bring Minecraft: Education Edition into her 9th grade Academic Biology classroom. Read about her experience!  As a teacher, you receive a variety of students every year, each with different learning aptitudes and motivation levels. My second period is a co-teach class with several special education students. Many of these students are on a modified curriculum and may struggle with the standards we’re expected to teach. Some also find it difficult to stay on task or maintain attention. When I had an opportunity to use Minecraft: Education Edition to teach biology, they surprised me. Every single one of these learners became teachers to their peers as they coached them on how to use the program. When I asked the class to build models of DNA, my special education students were able to collaborate... Posted at