Tuesday, June 29, 2021

[Amplifying Black Voices] Being a Black man of the Trans experience starts with Allyship!

This blog was written by Ethan Alexander, Sr Customer Success Account Manager, as part of the Amplifying Black Voices blog series. Ethan takes us through intersectionality from his lens... Juneteenth, Father's Day, and Pride.


My name is Ethan Alexander, and I am a Black man of the Trans experience. I don’t think people understand how thick your skin must truly be to be your authentic self in the world that we live in today. When I feel the need to use my platform and speak for people who are afraid, I do so by sharing my story in hopes that it will inspire and educate others. I can relate to the fear of being visible... especially given the number of transgender women that are killed simply because of who they are; as a Black man, I’m often a walking target in this country. When I think about being resilient, it’s like being able to be strong enough to say, “I’m going to withstand the storm.” It’s being a tree. A tree can go through whatever—the hurricanes, all of it. If you are rooted, you’re good!


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