Thursday, June 24, 2021

Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 149

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 96 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Amazon Linux 2.png

Amazon Linux 2: Ntegral provides this preconfigured image of Amazon Linux 2 optimized for Microsoft Azure. Amazon Linux 2 is a Linux server operating system from Amazon Web Services that provides a secure, stable, and high-performance execution environment to develop and run cloud and enterprise applications.


Authgear: Oursky's Authgear is a plug and play consumer identification solution that helps you rapidly and reliably integrate authentication into your web and mobile applications using only five endpoints.

Azure Optimiser.png

Azure Optimiser: Azure Optimiser is an all-in-one solution to help you manage the complexities of Microsoft Azure, optimize your usage, support business continuity, and prevent overspending. Leverage resource scheduling, security, and health reporting with Azure Optimiser from Data#3 Limited.

Calico Cloud.png

Calico Cloud: Calico Cloud gives teams a single pane of glass across multi-cluster and multi-cloud Kubernetes environments (including Azure Kubernetes Service) to deploy a standard set of egress access controls, enforce consistent security policies for compliance, and observe and troubleshoot applications.

Cloud Rendering with 3DS Max and Corona.png

Cloud Rendering with 3DS Max and Corona: The Helio Desktop Client empowers 3D artists to easily submit render jobs to the cloud and get the results back to their desktop or network file storage. The solution currently supports Autodesk 3DS Max files rendered by Corona 5 and Corona 6.

CloudRail - Managed OT to Cloud Connectivity.png

CloudRail - Managed OT to Cloud Connectivity: Start your IIoT journey and connect industrial assets to Microsoft Azure IoT in minutes instead of weeks with CloudRail. CloudRail facilitates faster IIoT projects at lower costs, provides secure edge-to-edge cloud communication, and more.

Connect SaaS.png

Connect SaaS: Available as an annual subscription, Connect offers everything you need for a connected workforce.  Digitize your operations and capture evidence of task completion with enforced time, location, identity, and device compliance with this flexible, mobile-first SaaS platform.

Dealer Management System (DMS) - (RealReco).png

Dealer Management System (DMS) - (RealReco): RealReco on Microsoft Azure connects manufacturers, distributors, and retailers on a single collaborative platform for order fulfilment, return tracking, claims settlement, inventory visibility, promotions, payments, and more.

Encrypted ecosystem for truly private data.png

Encrypted ecosystem for truly private data: Usecrypt is a desktop app that encrypts data by using hybrid virtual key management technology, enabling you to easily secure your files, store and archive files on your device and in a secure cloud, share data among groups and companies, and more.

Glassbox Digital SaaS Transact.png

Glassbox Digital SaaS Transact: Through AI-driven visualization and analytics tools, Glassbox helps teams prioritize customer experience and digital product enhancements from a single collaborative system. Accelerate loyalty and growth with a digital experience analytics platform that works across mobile apps and websites.

Golden Cloud Platform.png

Golden Cloud Platform: Available in English and Brazilian Portuguese, the Golden Cloud Platform provides an environment for easily and intuitively managing Microsoft Azure servers and resources. Quickly define which servers a user can access along with desired permission levels on each server.

Greentegrate- Agri-food platform.png

Greentegrate: Agri-food platform: Compu Campo's Greentegrate is a solution for the sustainable management of agri-food production systems, including agriculture planning, field control, information analysis, and consumer traceability. This application is available only in Spanish.

GUI on Ubuntu 21.04.png

GUI on Ubuntu 21.04: Ntegral provides this preconfigured image of GUI on Ubuntu 21.04, a fully managed Ubuntu virtual desktop environment hosted on Microsoft Azure to support your development and business application estate.


HelloData: Collect, manage, process, and audit artificial intelligence training data with HelloData, a Microsoft Azure-powered data management platform for AI learning data processing.

Intelligeni AIOps Platform.png

Intelligeni AIOps Platform: Microland’s Intelligeni is an AI- and machine learning-powered automation platform for managing complex IT systems. The solution uses anomaly detection to surface hard-to-detect problems along with graph-based algorithms to separate useful alert signals from monitoring noise.

Lumeta Community Edition Command Center v4.2.0.0.png

Lumeta Community Edition Command Center v4.2.0.0: Lumeta Command Center delivers cloud visibility, security, endpoint discovery, and anomaly detection for hybrid enterprises, replacing blind spots with visibility into your organization's mobile, virtual, and cloud assets.

NextGate EMPI in Client's Azure Tenant.png

NextGate EMPI in Client's Azure Tenant: NextGate’s Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) is a fully integrated, automated solution that properly identifies and matches individuals to their data throughout every step of the continuum of care for improved quality and delivery.

Nexthink Experience.png

Nexthink Experience: Nexthink provides a unified view of experience across devices, applications, and networks, enabling IT teams to rapidly zero in on the cause of any issue. The solution’s unique event-level visibility and advanced visualizations make troubleshooting easier.

NVMesh on Azure.png

NVMesh on Azure: Excelero NVMesh on Microsoft Azure is a software-defined storage solution that enables running I/O intensive workloads on standard public cloud instances with local NVMe drives. Run advanced HPC, AI/ML, data analytics, and database applications without storage performance creating a bottleneck.

Pecan - Automated Predictive Analytics Platform.png

Pecan - Automated Predictive Analytics Platform: Pecan is a predictive analytics platform that helps businesses drive value from AI. With Pecan, business stakeholders and analysts can rapidly create and deploy predictive models to obtain actionable insights, improve key business processes, and make better decisions.

Peer Global File Service (PeerGFS).png

Peer Global File Service (PeerGFS): Today’s always-on world requires real-time data infrastructure with 24x7x365 availability. Peer Global File Service (PeerGFS) is a software-only solution developed to solve file management and replication challenges in multi-site, multi-platform, and hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Picking optimization in stores and warehouses.png

Picking optimization in stores and warehouses: Find&Order's pathfinding solution is a calculation layer that augments an organization's existing tools, enabling users to optimize the routes of pickers in large stores and warehouses.

Planner Data Warehouse.png

Planner Data Warehouse: PPM Works' solution pulls data from Microsoft Planner and stores it in a cloud-based SQL database closest to your location. Easily import your old SSRS reports or build new reports using SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel Services, or any other reporting solution.


Prophesee: Prophesee drives accurate sales forecasting and pipeline management, providing users with real-time actionable insights to enhance their sales potential. The AI-powered solution helps identify key issues such as data anomalies, lack of specific data, and poor planning.

Quinteo _ Nonprofit Case Management.png

Quinteo | Nonprofit Case Management: Quinteo helps streamline intake and service coordination for nonprofit organizations so that teams working across programs need to enter a client's information only once. Compatible with Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Quinteo boosts productivity and facilitates collaboration.

Rackspace Government Cloud UK on Azure.png

Rackspace Government Cloud UK on Azure: Rackspace Government Cloud on Microsoft Azure combines pre-tested UK-official landing zone templates with a public services network (PSN)-accredited management environment and a UK-sovereign support model to help ensure security and compliance across your organization.

Regista - e-Government SaaS Platform.png

Regista - e-Government SaaS Platform: Automate the publishing of registers and public information with Regista, a SaaS application designed for local governments and private companies. This application is available only in Romanian.

Relex Work.png

Relex Work: RELEX Workforce Optimization helps retailers automate and optimize their workforce planning by automatically matching shifts with actual workload based on accurate and granular AI-driven forecasts.

Reveille- Monitor, Manage, Protect Content Systems.png

Reveille: Monitor, Manage, Protect Content Systems: Reveille’s real-time user data, dashboards, and end-user reporting deliver deep insights and context to help business and IT managers make better decisions and improve the overall performance, stability, and security of their content services applications.

RSK Enterprise Cloud.png

RSK Enterprise Cloud: RSK Enterprise Cloud is a full-stack, enterprise-ready platform that simplifies the deployment and operation of Blockchain nodes connected to permissioned and non-permissioned networks. Shift resources away from platform ops with Extrimian's multi-cloud, fully managed Blockchain as a service.

Selenium Dynamic Grid.png

Selenium Dynamic Grid: Noricum Cloud Solutions provides this virtual machine image enabling you to deploy a dynamic Selenium Grid based on Docker containers with one click. Selenium is ideal for test automation, automating routine web tasks, web crawlers, and app monitoring.

SONDA Cognitive Command Center.png

SONDA Cognitive Command Center: Available only in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, PROBE Cognitive Command Center is an AI-powered analytical platform for managing customer service and support. The solution facilitates data-driven decision-making and prioritizes calls to reduce backlogs.

Think AI Bot for Connectwise.png

Think AI Bot for Connectwise: Think AI Chatbot for ConnectWise helps manage workforce resources efficiently, improve customer service, and increase overall productivity. Better utilize your employees' time by letting Think AI Chatbot respond to basic questions, enabling employees to focus on more valuable work.

TitaniumCloud File Enrichment.png

TitaniumCloud File Enrichment: TitaniumCloud is a threat intelligence solution providing up-to-date file reputation services, threat classification, and rich context on 10 billion-plus goodware and malware files. Files are processed using ReversingLabs’s file decomposition technology.

Twilio SendGrid.png

Twilio SendGrid: Twilio SendGrid for Azure provides reliable email delivery at scale. Its flexible, RESTful application programming interfaces integrate with Microsoft solutions to enable businesses to build engaging customer communications, from password resets to targeted promotions.

VeroGuard Absolute Trust Identity for Cloud Access.png

VeroGuard Absolute Trust Identity for Cloud Access: Protect user identities from vulnerabilities associated with credential sharing, key logging, credential reuse, phishing, and man-in-the-middle attacks. VeroGuard ensures that end users are verified with every login attempt.

Vitis 2020.2 Development VM - Ubuntu 18.04.png

Vitis 2020.2 Development VM - Ubuntu 18.04: Vitis enables you to leverage the adaptive computing power of Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards for diverse workloads like vision and image processing, data analytics, machine learning, quantitative finance, data compression, and more.

VMware SD-WAN - Virtual Edge.png

VMware SD-WAN - Virtual Edge: Assure performance of latency-sensitive cloud applications by steering them to the edge compute location nearest the user via VMware SD-WAN and Microsoft Azure Edge Zones.

VSoft Mobile Workforce.png

VSoft Mobile Workforce: Manage field employees and contractors while adding transparency with instant reporting via image capture, filled-in surveys, task status reports, and notes with GPS logs. The solution is deployed as software as a service by default, but other models are available.

VU Mobile Tokens.png

VU Mobile Tokens: Integrate the functionalities of VU App & Cloud Server to mobile applications, providing robust authentication. VU’s technology is integrated with Microsoft Azure App Service, making fraud prevention and identity-protection policies flexible and scalable.

Vulnerability Management with Trust VM.png

Vulnerability Management with Trust VM: Identify, classify, and prioritize vulnerabilities and risks in your Microsoft Azure environment via periodic scans, reports, and action plans with an information dashboard. This offer is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.

Web Safety Proxy as Container.png

Web Safety Proxy as Container: Web Safety is a simple and powerful web filtering proxy server that provides rich content filtering functionality to sanitize Internet traffic. It can block illegal or potentially malicious file downloads, remove annoying ads, and block resources with explicit content.

WorkSpan Co-Sell with Microsoft.png

WorkSpan Co-Sell with Microsoft: This application helps your partner management team and Microsoft securely exchange referrals and opportunities, as well as efficiently plan and execute on co-sell motions together. Integration with Microsoft Partner Center requires a Power Automate license.

Consulting services

3-Week Data & AI Assessment.png

3-Week Data & AI Assessment: Understand artificial intelligence opportunities based on your data foundation, then get actionable recommendations of what is needed to achieve them. You will get an AI roadmap and suggestions on how to build a data foundation using Azure infrastructure.

Accelerate App Mod Assessment to Azure in 8 Weeks.png

Accelerate App Mod Assessment to Azure in 8 Weeks: Using the Cognizant cloud transformation framework, you will get an in-depth assessment of your application landscape and a robust, future-proof transformation roadmap for modernizing to Microsoft Azure cloud-native apps.

AI-Assessment- 4-Week Assessment.png

AI-Assessment: 4 Weeks: Cerebrum’s AI assessment will deliver a report detailing your artificial intelligence action plans, roadmap, and readiness score. The primary products and services covered in this assessment will be Microsoft Azure, Power BI, and Azure Data Services.

AKS- 3-Day Workshop.png

AKS: 3-Day Workshop: 2bcloud's Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) workshop will train your team on the basics of Kubernetes and AKS, cluster management on AKS, and application CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) monitoring.

Almond CWATCH SOC managed for Azure Sentinel.png

Almond CWATCH managed SOC for Azure Sentinel: Get security managed services for Azure Sentinel for threat anticipation, information system protection, vulnerability management, attack detection, and security incident response. This application is available only in French.

App Architecture Modernization- 6-Week Assessment.png

App Architecture Modernization: 6-Week Assessment: This service from DataArt is developed to help clients with application architecture modernization. The offering is focused on using Microsoft Azure native services for achieving maximum cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

App Modernization (CAF Adopt)- Implementation.png

App Modernization (CAF Adopt): Implementation: Experts from Avaelgo will help you choose the best application modernization services for your business to be migrated to Microsoft Azure. Discover whether it’s best for you to refactor, rearchitect, or rebuild you app.

App Modernization- 3-Day Assessment.png

App Modernization: 3-Day Assessment: App Modernization: 3-Day Assessment: Simplify your growth with 2bcloud app modernization services that can help you reduce the resources required to run an application; increase the reliability, scalability, and resilience of your deployments; and reduce your cost.

Application Modernization- 1-Day Assessment.png

Application Modernization: 1-Day Assessment: Ordina can help you assess, move, and modernize your custom legacy application on Microsoft Azure, improving scalability, reliability, and security. You will receive a modernization summary, strategy overview, and high-level modernization road map.

Application Modernization- 3-Hour Briefing.png

Application Modernization: 3-Hour Briefing: SDX briefing sessions demonstrate the effective modernization of existing applications, both in terms of technologies used and cloud-readiness. You will get a practical demonstration of migration steps along with recommendations and best practices.

Autoscaling Cloud-Native Apps- 3-Day Assessment.png

Autoscaling Cloud-Native Apps: 3-Day Assessment: Codit will help you design, build, and implement an autoscaling strategy for your solution that not only provides autoscaling, but also gives you insights into how, when, and why it is scaling across Microsoft Azure services.

Azure Application Governance- 2-Day Workshop.png

Azure Application Governance: 2-Day Workshop: In this interactive Microsoft Azure Application Governance workshop, Noest will demonstrate solutions for reducing cloud costs, balancing performance and security, and managing your application landscape efficiently.

Azure Data Clinic Paradigma- 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Data Clinic Paradigma: 4-Week Assessment: The Azure Data Clinic assessment focuses on data, processes, and strategic alignment to identify new use cases for monetizing your data and devise an implementation roadmap based on Microsoft Azure data services, such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake Analytics, and more.

Azure DevOps Implementation- 2-Day Workshop.png

Azure DevOps Implementation: 2-Day Workshop: Invero's Microsoft Azure DevOps workshop combines on-site workshops with advanced hands-on training in a lab environment provided by Microsoft to help your organization transform its delivery and operations mechanisms.

Azure DevOps Services (CAF Adopt)- Implementation.png

Azure DevOps Services (CAF Adopt): Implementation: Avaelgo can help you plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster with DevOps solutions on Microsoft Azure. Adopting Azure DevOps delivers access to cloud-hosted services, including CI/CD, testing, and Kanban project boards.

Azure DevOps Starter Plan- 10-Week Implementation.png

Azure DevOps Starter Plan: 10-Week Implementation: Available only in Japanese, Headwaters' Microsoft Azure DevOps Starter Plan is designed to bring your business, systems, and development into one team to boost collaboration across the enterprise and visualize issues, tasks, and progress.

Azure Enterprise Scale Landing Zone - 20-Day Implementation.png

Azure Enterprise Scale Landing Zone - 20-Day Implementation: DevOpsGroup will use advanced DevOps automation techniques, including infrastructure-as-code, configuration-as-code, and policy-as-code, to create reusable blueprints for an enterprise-scale landing zone aligned with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

Azure Governance- 2-Week Workshop.png

Azure Governance: 2-Week Workshop: Want to take control of your public cloud? eCraft's Microsoft Azure Governance workshop will help you define your Azure cloud governance model utilizing Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

Azure Landing Zone 8-Week Implementation.png

Azure Landing Zone 8-Week Implementation: In this eight-week implementation, Alithya will provide you with a landing zone in Microsoft Azure aligned to Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and tailored to your organization's business requirements.

Azure Lighthouse Management.png

Azure Lighthouse Management: This managed service for Microsoft Azure automatically onboards customers into the Azure Lighthouse environment to allow the MB Solutions support team delegated access and seamless management of your Azure resources.

Azure Modern Data Maturity- 3-Week Assessment.png

Azure Modern Data Maturity: 3-Week Assessment: Available from ACTS, the Microsoft Azure Modern Data Maturity Assessment provides a data analytics reference architecture that supports your organization in achieving advanced analytics on Azure. Achieve your data goals with ACTS and Microsoft Azure.

Azure Security Assessment - 2 Weeks.png

Azure Security Assessment - 2 Weeks: In this Microsoft Azure Security Assessment, Cambay Consulting's security experts will test for misconfigurations and implementation and authorization errors to help protect your systems and fend off real-world attacks.

Azure Sentinel Implementation - 10 Days.png

Azure Sentinel Implementation: 10-Day Service: Empower your organization to develop modern security operations and cyber threat detection and response capabilities with Amidas' implementation of Microsoft Azure Sentinel in your Azure environment.

Azure Synapse Analytics- 4-Hour Workshop.png

Azure Synapse Analytics: 4-Hour Workshop: Nous Infosystems’ complimentary workshop will analyze and evaluate the business value and complexities involved in adopting Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics to modernize your organization's data landscape.

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Implementation: Looking for a simple path for transitioning to a more modern, agile, and secure way of working? Beyond Impact's implementation includes an assessment of your business requirements along with the design and deployment of an Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) environment.

Blockchain Feasibility- 4-Hour Workshop.png

Blockchain Feasibility: 4-Hour Workshop: This workshop from Slalom Consulting explores the nexus of people, process, and technology to help you develop an action plan and roadmap for applying Microsoft Azure Blockchain Service solutions to your most pressing supply chain, inventory management, and customer engagement challenges.

Cloud Readiness- 4-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Readiness: 4-Week Assessment: This cloud readiness workshop from LiveRoute includes an assessment of your organization's cloud readiness and a roadmap covering best-fit use cases aligned to your business needs along with recommendations for next steps.

Control Your SQL Server Instances- 1-Hour Briefing.png

Control Your SQL Server Instances: 1-Hour Briefing: Lucient's Power DBI is a subscription-based service that makes it easy to assess and troubleshoot all instances of SQL Server in your data platform from a single portal.

Customer Support Chatbot- 4-Week Implementation.png

Customer Support Chatbot: 4-Week Implementation: Dept Design & Technology's four-week engagement will help your organization improve customer support by implementing a chatbot on your website that automatically handles questions from customers and switches to live chat when in-person help is needed.

Datacentrix Cloud Connect- 1-Week Implementation.png

Datacentrix Cloud Connect: 1-Week Implementation: In this one-week implementation, Datacentrix will provide a secure connectivity solution to Microsoft Azure services via Azure ExpressRoute to support your business’s digital transformation.

Difenda MDR Managed Detection Response.png Difenda MDR Managed Detection Response: Difenda's Managed Detection & Response is an ongoing service whereby Difenda provides 24x7 threat detection and response services on your behalf using Microsoft security tools including Microsoft Azure Sentinel and the Azure Defender extended detection and response (XDR) platform.
Electronic Controlled Drugs Register- 2-Hour Briefing.png

Electronic Controlled Drugs Register: 2-Hour Briefing: Designed for healthcare organizations, Reply's free briefing will help you understand how the Solidsoft Reply Electronic Controlled Drugs register built on Microsoft Azure Logic Apps replaces existing paper processes to boost productivity.

Gada-i- AI in Digital Archive - 2-Week Implementation.png

Gada-i: AI in Digital Archive - 2-Week Implementation: ENCAMINA will implement Gada-i, a digital document classification and archiving service that uses Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and AI services to automatically extract metadata and classify documents. This service is available only in Spanish.

GoDesk- 2-Week Project Implementation.png

GoDesk: 2-Week Project Implementation: 1Path will analyze your business personas, then create a customized public virtual desktop environment crafted for your industry-specific vertical. The solution uses Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) with a publicly accessible front end.

ICT Cloud Adoption Accelerator - 8-Week Implementation.png

ICT Cloud Adoption Accelerator - 8-Week Implementation: ICT's Cloud Adoption Accelerator helps ensure cloud journey outcomes by adopting Microsoft Azure and tackling the "five horsemen of the cloud adoption apocalypse": lack of expertise, lack of governance, lack of planning, cost optimization, and operational support.

Keyrus Aviator MSP - 1-Week Assessment.png

Keyrus Aviator MSP - 1-Week Assessment: Learn how you can optimize costs and confidently migrate your data and workloads to Microsoft Azure with best practices, expert guidance, and cost optimization tools in this assessment from Keyrus.

Microsoft Managed Security Operations.png

Microsoft Managed Security Operations: Outcomex will deploy, manage, and monitor your organization's cybersecurity so that you can focus on your business. Achieve peace of mind by using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure services that comply with governance frameworks such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

Modern Analytics- 8-Week MVP Implementation.png

Modern Analytics: 8-Week MVP Implementation: Rackspace's Modern Analytics MVP engagement liberates you from the challenges of your legacy systems and jump-starts your modernization journey, putting you on the path to enable secure and intelligent decision-making with Microsoft Azure.

NeoIDM- 2-Day Assessment.png

NeoIDM: 2-Day Assessment: NeoIDM from Hancom MDS is an IoT device management platform for data collection, control, updates, and monitoring of IoT devices. Learn how NeoIDM uses Azure services to provide secure two-way communication between IoT devices and the solution back end. This service is available only in Korean.

OTE - Azure Assessment Services - 8 Weeks.png

OTE - Azure Assessment Services - 8 Weeks: OTE will use various tools to assess your environment, helping you accelerate cloud adoption and maximize efficiency. Determine which line of business applications are a good fit for migration to Microsoft Azure.

Peace of Mind for Azure (CAF Manage)- Implementation.png

Peace of Mind for Azure (CAF Manage): Implementation: Avaelgo's managed service for Microsoft Azure includes proactive maintenance and management of your Azure services and contract. Get weekly health checks and monthly reports including workload usage, optimization recommendations, and more.

SAP on Azure Discovery Assessment.png

SAP on Azure Discovery Assessment: Centiq will consult with your team to understand your current SAP landscape, identify any challenges, and gain an understanding of where you want you to take your platform and what you want it to achieve using Microsoft Azure.

SAP on Azure Pilot- 4-Week Implementation.png

SAP on Azure Pilot: 4-Week Implementation: Lumen's four-week pilot implementation enables you see the impact a SAP S/4HANA conversion will have on your organization using your data and configurations in a safe test environment on Microsoft Azure.

Security Review- 2-Day Assessment.png

Security Review: 2-Day Assessment: In this two-day security assessment, NewOrbit will work with your team to determine your risk exposure, understand your current setup, and plan a suitable response for securing your applications on Microsoft Azure based on your situation.

Sitecore on Azure- 2-Hour Briefing.png

Sitecore on Azure: 2-Hour Briefing: Mando Group offers this free briefing that covers different Sitecore features that can be used to improve your digital performance. Transform your Sitecore CMS into a cloud-driven experience platform with powerful personalization, analytics, and cloud capabilities.

Skykraft Cloud Adoption Service- 3-Week Workshop.png

Skykraft Cloud Adoption Service: 3-Week Workshop: The Skykraft Cloud Adoption Service workshop will help you accelerate your cloud adoption journey by providing a process for integrating Microsoft Azure services and technologies, helping you modernize and optimize your business.

TS2A- 10-Day Assessment.png

TS2A: 10-Day Assessment: Plan your migration to Microsoft Azure in this 10-day assessment from CSC Services. Available only in French, the assessment includes evaluating your environment and cloud readiness, defining the target architecture and migration path, reducing Azure consumption costs, and more.

vNEXT Apps Modernization Plan- 1-Week Assessment.png

vNEXT Apps Modernization Plan: 1-Week Assessment: The vNEXT App Modernization Plan assessment will help your organization innovate faster, improve reliability, reduce costs, and realize the benefits of Microsoft Azure.

vSecOps- 3-Week Assessment.png

vSecOps: 3-Week Assessment: Delivered by experts in Microsoft cloud and security technologies, Virtusa’s vSecOps assessment helps you ensure your strategic business objectives are delivered securely by reviewing your Azure environment against Microsoft's recommended security best practices.

Windows Virtual Desktop - 1-Day Assessment.png

Windows Virtual Desktop - 1-Day Assessment: Abersoft's Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) assessment covers the benefits Azure Virtual Desktop can provide for your business. Learn how you can Manage Windows 10, Windows Server, and Windows 7 desktops and apps with a unified management experience.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) - 3-Week Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop - 3-Week Implementation: Abersoft's Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) implementation provides a fast-tracked setup of an Azure Virtual Desktop environment along with professional guidance tailored to your business needs.

Windows Virtual Desktop- 1-Day Assessment.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 1-Day Assessment: Bluechess Technology offers this free Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) assessment designed to demonstrate the capabilities of Azure Virtual Desktop and how it can be tailored to meet your business needs, implementation prerequisites, best practices, and more.

Workshops Catalog.png

Workshops Catalog: Targeted for environments hosted on the public cloud and in local datacenters, 4WARD's workshop illustrates how to adopt solutions that combine modern machine learning and big data technologies to obtain a comprehensive approach to application and system security.

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