Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Find Orphans / unused Web API connection using Azure Resource Graph

Day by day the API connections will keep growing up

As clean up, I will show below how to use the Azure Resource Graph  to make query against the API and logic app to find all the unused API 






| where type =~ 'Microsoft.Web/connections'
|project id
|join kind= leftouter
| where type == 'microsoft.logic/workflows'
|extend propertiesJson=parse_json(properties)
|extend ConJson=propertiesJson["parameters"]["$connections"]["value"]
|mvexpand Conn=ConJson
|where   notnull(Conn)
|extend connectionId=extract("\"connectionId\":\"(.*)\"",1,tostring(Conn))
|project connectionId
)   on  $left.id==$right.connectionId








the query above join 'microsoft.logic/workflows' with 'Microsoft.Web/connections' and find all the unused connections 


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