Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Microsoft Viva Topics Product Updates - June 2021

Microsoft Viva Topics is a key tool for knowledge workers – helping you organize and discover knowledge and expertise throughout your organization. As a new offering, we’re continuing to collaborate with our partners and listen to our customers to evolve our solution. We’re excited to announce our latest updates to Viva Topics.



Refinements to related sites displayed on topic pages

You will now be able to distinguish sites pinned by an expert from sites suggested by AI on a topic page. Prior to this update, all associated sites appeared as “related” sites.

Original user experience



Updated user experience



This feature will begin roll out imminently, and is being tracked on the Microsoft 365 public roadmap under ID 82042.


Accessibility Improvements

Over a billion people worldwide experience some form of disability. But only 1 in 10 have access to the assistive technology they need. As part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to helping bridge the disability divide, our products build in accessibility by design. This month, Viva Topics has released improvements to support scenarios where low vision users who need to magnify the screen to 400% now have a better experience.

Viva Topics resized at 400% screen sizeViva Topics resized at 400% screen size


Early Adopter Program

We’re excited to continue the journey with our customers who are actively implementing Viva Topics in their organizations with a new program to support adoption.  Our goal with Topics is to create a system that builds a knowledge sharing culture within your organization. We’re currently working with some of the world’s largest companies and we’re also looking forward to connecting with smaller organizations in different industries. This is a great opportunity to collaborate directly with the product team and get early access to new experiences as well as learnings and best practices. If your organization is actively implementing Viva Topics with more than 10% of your employees, we invite you to apply to be part of this Early Adopter Program.



We’re continuing to listen to and work with our customers to deliver new features and drive transformational user experiences. This month, we’ve added a few new items to our roadmap beyond June including:



Public Description


Accelerated publishing for topic curation

Edits on topics or new, manually added topics will appear for end users to discover within minutes.


Select sensitivity label to exclude files from topic discovery

Use MIP sensitivity labels to control which files should not be included in topic discovery


Select sensitivity label to exclude sites from topic discovery

Use MIP sensitivity labels to control which sites should not be included in topic discovery


Use Syntex taxonomy to generate topics

Select terms from the taxonomy service to initiate creation of Viva topics, using the term definitions and tagged files.


Integrate Microsoft Search bookmarks with topic cards and pages

Many organizations have already used bookmarks in search results to direct users to authoritative content for query results. With this new feature, you'll be able to integrate the search bookmarks into topic cards and pages - allowing users to continue to find those sources augmented with the topical content on the page or card.


Control visibility of suggested topics

This update will empower knowledge managers to enable or prevent general visibility of AI-suggested topics.


All of these will be available for Viva Topics customers to preview by September 30. Check back with us next month to see what new capabilities and features we’ve added to Viva Topics. You can also visit the Microsoft 365 Public Roadmap for a full view of what’s coming soon to Microsoft Viva.


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