Tuesday, July 27, 2021

ProcDump v10.1, RDCMan v2.82, Sigcheck v2.82 and Sysmon v13.23

ProcDump v10.1

This update to ProcDump, a command-line utility for generating memory dumps from running processes, adds a new option (-dc) for specifying a dumpfile comment and supports "triage" dumps (-mt).

RDCMan v2.82

This RDCMan update adds a toggle for bitmap caching and fixes a series of crashes.

Sigcheck v2.82

This Sigcheck update fixes a crash occurring when analyzing unsigned files on VirusTotal.

Sysmon v13.23

This Sysmon update fixes a bug where rules with long names were incorrectly processed and a rare out of memory crash occurring on 32-bit systems.
Posted at https://sl.advdat.com/3x9RbHB