Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Special Winners At MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge

As part of May’s MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge, we ran a global raffle for all participants who completed the modules over the four weeks, giving them the chance to win a $200 gift card. At the end of the challenge, three MVPs were drawn, one for each of the challenges.


The MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge is a chance for MVPs to focus their efforts on a new learning area which they may not have explored before, all the while sharing their experience with other MVPs across the globe. MVPs supported their learning through Microsoft Learn and used one of Microsoft’s three cloud platforms: Azure Data & AI, Dynamics265 and Power Platform, and M365.


We spoke to the three raffle winners, Ruben Ramos, Aric Levin, and Charles Henri-Sauget, about their experiences of the challenge.


Ruben Ramos won the Business Apps challenge and is a Business Apps MVP, based in Spain. Ruben decided to enter the challenge to learn about Dynamics 365: “It was useful for me to learn new topics and improve my knowledge,” said Ruben. “I enjoyed it very much.”


“I took the MVP challenge as an opportunity to learn about topics I am not an expert in, and to consolidate topics in which I have more knowledge,” he explained. Ruben was also aiming to get more clued up on the Microsoft Learn content, which is a useful guide. “In the end, I achieved my goals,” said Ruben. “Now, I share different modules and learning paths with my team and with people who ask me how they can learn about new topics and gain more technical skills.”


For anyone looking to upskill or update their learning on Microsoft technologies, Ruben advises they read a lot, practice, rely on the community and enjoy the ride. “Microsoft provides a lot of free resources to create development environments and test all the features that we have learned,” he said. “The Microsoft community is great. Many amazing people are sharing their knowledge. I also advise people to go to events or even to be a speaker.”


And Ruben’s final piece of advice? “Do not be afraid of how fast everything is advancing, but see it as an opportunity to do more things or do them better and better.”


You can check out Ruben’s MS Learn collection here


Aric Levin was the M365 Challenge winner and is an Office Apps MVP based in the US. Aric joined the challenge to increase his knowledge in areas where he didn’t have a lot of experience, especially given the value that this can have when providing insights for the community. 


“There were some areas of the Business Applications MVP Challenge that I felt I needed to brush up on, and with the speed that the technology is evolving, it was good to get a refresher,” explained Aric. “There were also some areas which were new to me, and it was a good learning experience.”


Aric advises anyone looking to upskill or update their existing knowledge on Microsoft technologies to leverage Microsoft Learn. “I use it for preparation for certification exams, as well as learning new technologies.”


“It is kept up to date with changes to the product and certifications, and even though I learn from multiple resources, Microsoft Learn is always one of them,” he said.


Our third and final prize draw winner is Charles-Henri Sauget, the Data and AI Challenge winner. Charles-Henri is a Data Platform MVP from France, who set out to uncover more about AI on Azure, Microsoft Learn, and how the challenge would facilitate new ways of learning and training.


“It was clearly a success,” said Charles-Henri. “I learned a lot about AI capabilities on Azure, and I will now definitely advise people to use Microsoft Learn for their self-paced learning ambitions on Microsoft technologies."


To those looking to learn new skills or gain new knowledge on Microsoft technologies, Charles-Henri says, “Enjoy this new experience provided by Microsoft. It’s fun, it’s gamified, it contains sandboxes, exercises, and a lot of examples of implementations. It will help you target some certifications and will help you be better at your job. DO IT!:smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:”

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