Thursday, July 29, 2021

Use Microsoft Bookings for Self-service Scheduling

It's FY22 at Microsoft and I want to meet with my Analytics and Data Gold Partners, but setting up all the meetings can be time consuming - until I learned about Microsoft Bookings! 


I love self-service, and not just in Analytics!  My challenge today was that I needed to meet with several Microsoft Gold Partners in upcoming weeks because these groups of talented people help all my analytics healthcare customers, and I need to be able to support both customer and partner.  I was thinking about collaboration, when effective time management also popped into my head because I have other deliverables due soon. 


Thankfully, I have Microsoft Teams for secure collaboration, but I needed help with scheduling.  That's when I remembered Microsoft has a solution to allow my contacts to schedule meetings based on my availability, it's completely customizable and reusable, and it's called Microsoft Bookings.  


How to Use Microsoft Bookings 


This is where I got excited about self-service!  Here is my finished product.  I copied my URL and shared it with my contacts in an Outlook email inviting them to choose the date/time that works best for them.  I didn't have to do any coding and it was easy to set up - I'm already done!  Now it's up to my partners to set up time with me!  (Dropping the mic and moving on to my next 'to do' task.)


Hope you find this as useful.  Hmmmm, do we have Analytics on Microsoft Bookings?  Yes, yes we do....


My Microsoft Bookings Calendar for Gold PartnersMy Microsoft Bookings Calendar for Gold Partners

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