Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Microsoft’s Dynamic Care Management System

Written by: Our Director of Population Health, Amy Berk, MSN, RN


Traditionally, Health Plans purchase off the shelf care management systems that attribute themselves to an array of capabilities to perform care management activities today. These capabilities are synergistic with the care management workflow and some care management systems have even evolved themselves with advanced capabilities such as clinical intelligence and data analytics; all to enhance the care manager and member experience. However, limitations exist in these off the shelf platforms, as while they may be offering a robust suite of capabilities, there lies the gap between what is robust and what is dynamic.


Dynamic translates into an application that evolves with the care management program; an application that is highly configurable, flexible, scalable, integrated, and predictive; leads one to think of an agile, cohesive application. Microsoft believes that these core attributes will advance the practice of care management on a new trajectory, a practice of proactivity vs. reactivity, a practice of personalized engagement vs. arbitrary outreach, a practice of insightful vs. a practice of ambiguity, and a practice of efficiency vs. cumbersome.  


Microsoft’s Dynamics Care Management desktop application goes above and beyond any traditional off the shelf system- as it sits on Microsoft’s Cloud for Healthcare which leverages a seamless, integrated and connected platform that provides for a personalized member experience and an enhanced care manager experience. Microsoft’s Dynamics Care Management desktop application extends to:  

  • A comprehensive view of the member including current and historical conditions from a variety of data sources and systems.
  • Provider Relationship Management to ensure optimized provider engagement Streamlined, predictive and prioritized end-to-end care management workflows.
  • Logical assessments and customized, informed, SMART care plans.
  • Robust data analytics that provide:
    • Actionable insights enabling care managers to make informed clinical decisions at the point of care.
    • Actionable insights at the population level to drive performance and program improvement.
  • Natural language processing and cognitive solutions adept to optimize workflow and documentation efficiencies.
  • Advanced analytics leveraging artificial intelligence to assume targeted member cohorts and associated interventions with a goal of demonstrating impact.   
  • Microsoft Teams facilitating collaborative and customized care among care managers, their care teams, and their members throughout the care continuum.

Microsoft’s Dynamics Care Management desktop application can adapt to various care management programs- as it is the agility of the desktop application that  Microsoft’s Dynamic Care Management desktop application


Microsoft’s Dynamics Care Management desktop application is not your legacy care management system, but instead an agile compendium of capabilities.  The strength of the Dynamics Care Management desktop application is rooted in its ability to quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving requirements of care management, i.e., regulatory, membership growth, organizational preferences, marketing, technology, and member consumerism; all of which relate to staff and member satisfaction. Most importantly however, Microsoft’s Dynamics Care Management desktop application aims to optimize member relationships and create personalized engagements to drive member health outcomes.


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