Wednesday, August 4, 2021

**NEW** Free Power BI Education

Getting Started with Power BI was developed with Power BI consumers in mind, whereas the Introduction to Power BI was developed for report authors.  Both are great for people that simply want to understand the experiences and perspectives of both consumers AND report authors.   Additionally these are good for business and technology teams.  I highly recommend both!


Two approaches for planning:

  1. Use the link below to find sessions that work for you and sign up!  (I love self-service!)
  2. Enterprise scale.  These sessions can also be used to drive awareness and usage of what you already own.  My data driven Health customers have Power BI and Teams education sessions scheduled (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly....) within their organizations on a recurring basis and I'm seeing upwards of 300+ people in one session!  There is definitely interest.  These sessions can be customized and dedicated for your organization alone - we have a ton of options.  I am a huge advocate of this approach.   If you'd like to learn more, please reach out to me at  


NEW - FREE - VIRTUAL |  Sign up here!

Power BI Education by Microsoft 

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