Friday, August 13, 2021

SQL Managed Instance How-tos series

sqlmi-how-tos.pngWe started a series on simple & extremely useful how-tos, and this blog post serves as a principal source of accumulation and reference for it.

The idea behind this series is to serve as a good, high quality reference and to deliver a quick building block for anyone building their scripts library or even doing some automation.
We are primary focusing on the most common tasks, with the first group of posts focusing on the SQL Managed Instance Service Discovery, but with the time more functional and more advanced topics will be landing in this series soon.

You can find and reference the whole series with the following link which will lead you precisely to this very post.


The how-tos themselves will be grouped below according to the functionality, such as Service Discovery, Quick-Fixes, Performance Optimization, between others, and not in the chronological order in which they are published.


Service Discovery:

Service Tier basic details
SQL MI Service Tier details (Service tier, Hardware Generation)

Number of CPU vCoresSQL MI Number of CPU vCores (with different permission requirements)

Total amount of RAM - SQL MI total & available amounts of RAM

Reserved and Available Disk Space - SQL MI reserved and available Disk Space


As we progress with the new how-tos, this post will be constantly updated to keep with the up-to-date information on the newest additions.


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