Thursday, September 23, 2021

Adaptive Cards community call – August 2021

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The following topics are covered in this month’s community call:  Contribution Guidelines (process for taking on feature requests in Adaptive Cards Repo), Announcing v1.5 (Preview build of v1.5 is scheduled for September release.  Key features - Input.ChoiceSet search and filtering, Input.ChoiceSet auto complete, Improvements to table layouts) - J.P. Roca (Microsoft), Teams support for v1.4 (Teams now has partial support of v1.4) - Steven Kong (Microsoft) and finally Q&A (members of the Developer team and PM team field questions on a host of topics – updating documentation, functionality with Power Platform, multi-line support, adaptive components, etc.) for 30 minutes.   This call was hosted by J.P. Roca (Microsoft) | @jpthepmRecorded on August 12, 2021.




  • Contribution Guidelines - J.P. Roca (Microsoft) | @jpthepm – 1:03
  • Announcing v1.5 - J.P. Roca (Microsoft) | @jpthepm – 2:04
  • Teams support for v1.4 – Steven Kong (Microsoft) | @stkong_sdk – 2:58
  • Q&A with members of Microsoft Developer and PM teams – 4:49


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