Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 165

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 102 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Bamboo Rose B2B Marketplace.png

Bamboo Rose B2B Marketplace: With Bamboo Rose Marketplace, retailers and brands can easily collaborate and transact with their global supplier base, enabling a streamlined, cost-efficient sourcing process. View and filter through products 24/7 and collaborate effectively with suppliers.

Calico Cloud.png

Calico Cloud: Calico Cloud gives teams a single pane of glass across multi-cluster and multi-cloud Kubernetes environments (including Azure Kubernetes Service) to deploy a standard set of egress access controls, enforce consistent security policies for compliance, and observe and troubleshoot applications.

CloudMonitor - Cost Optimization and Analytics Engine.png

CloudMonitor - Cost Optimization and Analytics Engine: CloudMonitor is a free tool for monitoring your cloud consumption costs and identifying cost-saving opportunities so that you only pay for what you need. CloudMonitor finds over-sized resources and services that are no longer in use and suggests best practices based on real-time use patterns.

Create e-Learning Content with No IT Skills.png

Create e-Learning Content with No IT Skills: Create high-quality courses, quizzes, role-plays, video lectures, and more without programming skills using iSpring Suite from IEINTOUCH PTE. iSpring Suite builds on PowerPoint to create an intuitive environment for rapid e-course authoring.

Docker CE with Rocky Linux 8.png

Docker CE with Rocky Linux 8: Cognosys provides this preconfigured image of Docker Community Edition (CE) with Rocky Linux 8. Docker CE is ideal for developers and small teams looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based applications.

DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform for Genomic Data Analysis.png

DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform for Genomic Data Analysis: The DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform for Genomic Data Analysis delivers speed and accuracy with out-of-the-box genomics analysis algorithms using highly reconfigurable field-programmable gate array technology (FPGA). Powered by Microsoft Azure. is an end-to-end MLOps platform that automates the process of AI implementation. Features include automated labeling, deployment, operation, management, and more.

Farm Geofencer API - CropCare by Prakshep.png

Farm Geofencer API - CropCare by Prakshep: Prakshep's neural API suite delivers real-time farm boundaries in a live implementation, meaning every time you use the APIs, a fresh set of images is called and analyzed with the output delivered as a string of latitude and longitude, GeoJSON, and basic analytics.

Glaass Pro Plans.png

Glaass Pro Plans: Glaass Pro on Microsoft Azure is an adaptable construction management platform that helps general contractors save time, reduce mistakes, and connect teams through one organized platform. Glaass Pro is available in three plans to suit varying project scopes and budgets.

Hardened Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.png

Hardened Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Designed following best practices, configuration recommendations, and security protocols of leading compliance organizations, odix's free image of hardened Ubuntu 20.04 LTS empowers users from a broad range of industries to secure their operating system and reduce risk.

Plant an App - Harvest.png

Plant an App - Harvest: Plant an App is a low-code platform that gives teams the speed of low-code without compromising flexibility, enabling developers to get involved earlier in a project with business requirements while also enabling business users to be involved in the technical development process.

Rocky Linux 8 LVM.png

Rocky Linux 8 LVM: Cognosys provides this preconfigured image of Rocky Linux 8 LVM on Microsoft Azure. Rocky Linux is a Linux distribution intended to be a downstream, complete binary-compatible release using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system source code.

Rocky Linux 8 Minimal.png

Rocky Linux 8 Minimal: Cognosys provides this preconfigured image of Rocky Linux 8 Minimal on Microsoft Azure. Rocky Linux is a Linux distribution intended to be a downstream, complete binary-compatible release using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system source code.

Squid Easy Сaching Proxy Server on CentOS 7.8.png

Squid Easy Сaching Proxy Server on CentOS 7.8: Tidal Media offers this preconfigured image of Squid Easy Сaching Proxy Server on CentOS 7.8. Squid Easy Сaching Proxy Server is a modular, high-performance reverse and forward proxy server supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Gopher, SSL, and WAIS protocols.

Squid Easy Сaching Proxy Server on CentOS 8.2.png

Squid Easy Сaching Proxy Server on CentOS 8.2: Tidal Media offers this preconfigured image of Squid Easy Сaching Proxy Server on CentOS 8.2. Squid Easy Сaching Proxy Server is a modular, high-performance reverse and forward proxy server supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Gopher, SSL, and WAIS protocols.

Terraform on Azure.png

Terraform on Azure: Optimized by Ntegral, Terraform by HashiCorp is an open source infrastructure as code (IaC) software tool that allows DevOps engineers to programmatically provision the physical resources that an application requires to run.


Textpattern: Textpattern is a free, open source content management system featuring a powerful engine that can be infinitely tuned to suit your requirements. Designers, developers, publishers, and bloggers love Textpattern's flexibility and extensibility.

Transmit Security.png

Transmit Security: FlexID from Transmit Security is a cross-channel identity orchestration platform that integrates and manages authentication, fraud detection, and access controls. Update and deploy business policies, authenticators, fraud systems, and authorization tools without changing application code.

Azure-Veeam Cloud Connect.png

Veeam Cloud Connect on Azure: The 3-2-1 backup rule means you should have three copies of your production data on two different types of media with one offsite. Veeam Cloud Connect uses Microsoft Azure services to help you meet the 3-2-1 backup rule and address any failure scenario.

Vital CRM.png

Vital CRM: Improve performance and collaboration across your organization with Galaxy Software Services' Vital CRM on Microsoft Azure. Available only in Chinese, Vital CRM features customizable customer field settings to enable you to configure the solution according to your business needs.

Zegami Machine Learning Suite.png

Zegami Machine Learning Suite: Zegami's Machine Learning Suite offers a full-stack service, enabling data scientists, medical practitioners, and researchers to deliver explainable imaging AI faster and more accurately. Create, enhance, and validate machine learning models with Zegami and Microsoft Azure.

Go further with partner consulting services

Accelerate Azure Cloud Journey 1-Day Workshop.png

Accelerate Azure Cloud Journey: 1-Day Workshop: Aligned with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, Tech Mahindra’s workshop provides a robust cloud strategy that takes a data-driven approach to dive into the current IT landscape, provide a comprehensive assessment, and present a clear executable plan.

Altron Karabina Azure Essentials Workshop.png

Altron Karabina Azure Essentials Workshop: In this workshop intended to provide an overview of common Microsoft Azure scenarios, Altron Karabina will deliver insight into the Azure fundamentals that need to be considered for your organization's transformation journey to Azure.

Application Migration 1 Day Assessment.png

Application Migration: 1-Day Assessment: Supporting migration scenarios for data, databases, web apps, and virtual desktops, Milestone Consult's free assessment covers the planning and implementation requirements for migrating to Microsoft Azure. This service is available only in German.

Application Modernization Advisory 6-Day Workshop.png

Application Modernization Advisory: 6-Day Workshop: Ensure a seamless transition to Microsoft Azure, reduce IT infrastructure costs, and boost business agility and innovation with Six Degrees' Application Modernization Advisory workshop.

Azure Virtual Desktop Managed Service.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Managed Service: AVD Zero Touch is Servent's fully managed service to support your Azure Virtual Desktop deployments. Ensure your Azure Virtual Desktop service and the supporting Microsoft Azure platform continue to be operationally healthy and fully managed following Microsoft and Servent best practices.

Assesment 1-Wk Datacenter.png

Datacenter Modernization: 1-Week Assessment: Looking for a simple, fast, and effective way to move your on-premises datacenter to Microsoft Azure? Consein will create a customized plan aligned with your business needs to migrate your organization to Azure.

Automated Project Management on Azure - 2-Week Proof of Concept.png

Automated Project Management on Azure: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Sierra Digital's proof of concept is designed to empower everyone in your project management organization to actively and securely contribute to growth, profitability, and digital transformation using OhZone productivity software on Microsoft Azure.

Azland CAF Accelerator - 4-Week Implementation.png

Azland CAF Accelerator: 4-Week Implementation: Remove obstacles and reduce the time it takes to implement the right components of Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Azure with Azenix's Azland CAF Accelerator implementation. Transform your traditional datacenter enterprise into an innovative cloud-based business.

Azure App Modernization 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure App Modernization: 4-Week Implementation: Dotsquares' four-week Azure App Modernization implementation will help you transform the features, infrastructure, and code of your legacy application to better align it with your organization’s requirements. Reduce your total cost of ownership, improve security, boost performance, and more.

Azure Backup as a Service 2-Week Assessment.png

Azure Backup as a Service: 2-Week Assessment: Trying to figure out the right strategy for your data backups? Sirius will assess your storage capacity and utilization, then identify potential risks, exposures, and single points of failure to help you determine whether Microsoft Azure storage is right for your data strategy.

Azure Cloud Advisory 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Cloud Advisory: 4-Week Assessment: Getting the most from the cloud and maximizing your return on investment requires a clear strategy focused on better business outcomes. BDO Digital will help you create a cloud strategy that enhances your agility, mitigates organizational risk, and drives value to your business.

Azure Cloud Cybersecurity 1-Week Assessment.png

Azure Cloud Cybersecurity: 1-Week Assessment: Make sure your organization's IT security posture includes an appropriate combination of responsibilities, skills, and technologies with Hitachi Solutions' assessment of your Microsoft Azure environment.

Azure Cloud Governance 1-Week Assessment.png

Azure Cloud Governance: 1-Week Assessment: Envision a clear path to a consolidated cloud governance strategy with Hitachi Solutions' one-week cloud governance assessment for Microsoft Azure. Deliverables include documentation with recommendations and next steps to achieve a solid cloud adoption strategy.

Azure Cloud Integration 1-Week Assessment.png

Azure Cloud Integration: 1-Week Assessment: In this one-week assessment, Hitachi Solutions will work closely with you to uncover your business goals, understand your processes, conduct a thorough application review, and then share how you can advance your Microsoft Azure integration maturity to achieve optimal results.

Azure Consulting, 2-5 Days.png

Azure Consulting, 2 to 5 Days: BitHawk offers comprehensive consulting services for the optimal operation of your Microsoft Azure environment, including provisioning Azure resources, tenant governance, proactive service monitoring, and more.

Azure Cost Optimization 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Cost Optimization: 1-Day Workshop: In this one-day cost optimization workshop, Mallow will analyze your organization's total Microsoft Azure spend and identify ways to optimize, report on, and budget your cloud costs. Deliverables include estimated cost savings you can expect from implementing the suggested actions.

Azure Defender IoT Quickstart 6-Week implementation.png

Azure Defender IoT Quickstart: 6-Week Implementation: Powered by Microsoft Azure, Protiviti’s Azure Defender for IoT Quickstart implementation is a comprehensive framework for analyzing your IoT ecosystem, preparing you to identify IoT vulnerabilities, and closing the gaps.

Azure DevOps Efficiency 3-Week Assessment.png

Azure DevOps Efficiency: 3-Week Assessment: Available from Ciber Global, the Azure DevOps Efficiency assessment includes a review of your organization's software delivery processes and a roadmap for improving the velocity and reliability of your Microsoft Azure development capabilities.

Azure DevSecOps 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure DevSecOps: 6-Week Implementation: BDO Digital will work with you to determine your organization's current and future needs and help you modernize and secure your software delivery workflow. Increase speed to market with process automation on Microsoft Azure.

Azure Foundations 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Foundations: 4-Week Assessment: Netrix's Azure Foundation assessment provides clients with a review of their server footprint using tooling such as Microsoft Azure Migrate and Movere. Deliverables include a breakdown of what it would cost to run workloads on Azure and a high-level implementation plan on how to migrate securely.

Azure Landing Zone 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure Landing Zone: 6-Week Implementation: In this six-week implementation, BDO Digital will deliver a Microsoft Azure landing zone designed to help your organization react quickly to changing circumstances without introducing risk to your business.

Azure Landing Zones 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Landing Zones: 4-Week Implementation: Focusing on the design and implementation of Microsoft Azure landing zones, this four-week implementation from Netrix includes building an Azure foundation, designing governance policies, setting role-based access control, and more.

Azure Migration 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Migration: 4-Week Assessment: KNS IT GROUP will provide a thorough analysis of your environment and deliver an implementation plan and cost breakdown to help you ensure your migration to Microsoft Azure aligns with your business needs.

Azure Virtual Desktop - Horizon Migration 3-Week Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop - Horizon Migration: 3-Week Implementation: Greeneris will help you implement Azure Virtual Desktop along with the Horizon control and management system. Horizon Cloud includes user environment management, application management, advanced power management, support for hybrid environments, and more.

Azure Virtual Desktop 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Cyclotron's proof of concept includes a review of your IT environment and the creation of a Microsoft Azure landing zone environment based on industry best practices. Integrate Azure Virtual Desktop with Azure Virtual Directory, Cloud PC, or both depending on your business needs.

BizTalk to Azure Integration Services 3-Day Assessment.png

BizTalk to Azure Integration Services: 3-Day Assessment: Ballard Chalmers will assess your BizTalk application's potential for migration to Microsoft Azure, advise you on what is required to make the application cloud-ready, and deliver time and cost estimate for your move to Azure.

Cloud Readiness 7- to 10-Day Assessment.png

Cloud Readiness: 7- to 10-Day Assessment: Six Degrees will provide a comprehensive audit of your IT landscape to identify waste, security risks, and potential gaps, then create a plan that can help you to migrate to Microsoft Azure securely and cost-effectively.

Cloudgoda Easy Cloud Services - Cloud Health Package 2-Day Assessment.png

Cloudgoda Easy Cloud Services - Cloud Health Package: 2-Day Assessment: Available only in Chinese from Acer e-Enabling Data Center, this two-day assessment includes a review of your organization's Microsoft Azure subscriptions against best practices to help you streamline operations and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Connected Workplace Azure Virtual Desktop 5-Day Implementation.png

Connected Workplace Azure Virtual Desktop: 5-Day Implementation: ConXioN’s Connected Workplace implementation introduces Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365 into your organization to provide you with a efficient, productive, and secure approach to desktop and application virtualization.

Customer Experience Consulting  2-Week Assessment.png

Customer Experience Consulting: 2-Week Assessment: L&T Technology Services' Customer Experience Consulting offering helps you create measurable impact for users while building new ways of interaction, brand loyalty, and monetization via Microsoft Azure.

Data & AI Review 3-Week Assessment.png

Data & AI Review: 3-Week Assessment: Based on the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework, Merkle's assessment includes a review of your organization's Microsoft Azure infrastructure against best practices to identify opportunities for improvement or validate your current state.

Data Strategy 8-Week Assessment.png

Data Strategy: 8-Week Assessment: Want to make your SMB more data-driven? Align BI's data assessment will score your data maturity across 11 pillars, then deliver a custom data strategy aligned to your people, technology, and culture.

DC Modernization Powered by RAMP 1-Day Assessment.png

DC Modernization Powered by RAMP: 1-Day Assessment: Learn how Microsoft Azure can be utilized to its full potential, including resilience, scalability, security, cost optimization, and fault tolerance, in Sunera Technologies' cloud readiness assessment powered by RAMP (Rapid Assessment and Migration Platform).

DevOps with GitHub on Azure 3-Week Assessment.png

DevOps with GitHub on Azure: 3-Week Assessment: In this three-week assessment, Taos Mountain will help you accelerate your application development and testing journey with the adoption of DevOps with GitHub Modernization Services. This engagement focuses on modernizing DevOps capabilities for the entire life cycle.

Greeneris - Azure Virtual Desktop - Horizon Migration 2-Wee Proof of Concept.png

Greeneris - Azure Virtual Desktop - Horizon Migration: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Determine whether Azure Virtual Desktop with VMware Horizon is the right fit for your business needs in this two-week proof of concept from Greeneris. Benefit from cost-effective, safe tools for your remote workers.

Identity Security MFA 4-Hour Implementation.png

Identity Security MFA: 4-Hour Implementation: ConXioN will help you set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) in your SMB or enterprise organization. Secure your user accounts and ensure that every user who logs in is really who they say they are.

Indicators with Azure 6-Week Implementation.png

Indicators with Azure: 6-Week Implementation: Available from bSide, this offering will transparently integrate your line-of-business applications with Microsoft Azure, creating a single repository of information that consolidates data from different sources and generates real-time alerts on indicators.

ISV Azure Migration 3-Day Consulting Workshop.png

ISV Azure Migration: 3-Day Consulting Workshop: Sii consultants will help you define your Microsoft Azure migration goals and set the expected business results. Determine which Azure services are best for your needs, understand the required architecture, and get a cost model for future implementation.

IT sure Monthly Managed Cloud Services.png

IT sure Monthly Managed Cloud Services: Leverage end-to-end cloud IT services across your organization with IT sure's managed cloud services. Make sure you're using the services that best fulfil your business needs, reduce unnecessary spending, and more. This service is available only in German.

Master Data Management 8-Week Implementation.png

Master Data Management: 8-Week Implementation: Is your business leveraging data to run efficiently, competitively, and timely? Sparkhound's eight-week Master Data Management implementation will bring you to a single source of truth across one domain or many domains depending on your requirements.

Microsoft Data Academy 10-Week Implementation.png

Microsoft Data Academy: 10-Week Implementation: Utilizing Microsoft Azure, BDO Digital will educate participants on databases, organizational data sets, and tools such as Power BI. Users will be empowered to deploy additional Microsoft Azure modules such as compute, storage, database, and security and authentication.

Okta to Azure Active Directory 4Week Implementation.png

Okta to Azure Active Directory: 4-Week Implementation: Assess, plan, and migrate from Okta to Microsoft Azure Active Directory single sign-on in Netrix's four-week implementation process, which includes a proof of concept and a complete migration of your applications.

SAP on Azure 10-Week Implementation.png

SAP on Azure: 10-Week Implementation: Available only in German, PTSGroup's SAP on Microsoft Azure implementation will help you reduce your total cost of ownership and benefit from an operational excellence productivity boost. Optimize your IT landscape with a focus on business processes and goals.

SAP to Azure Analytics 10-Week Implementation.png

SAP to Azure Analytics: 10-Week Implementation: Modernize and analyze your legacy SAP data with Dotsquares' SAP to Azure Analytics implementation. Microsoft Azure provides a robust enterprise-grade platform that offers the agility and scale needed to integrate with SAP technologies, keeping your data intact and secure.

Security Workshop with Azure Sentinel 4-Week Implementation.png

Security Workshop with Azure Sentinel: 4-Week Implementation: SEIDOR's security workshop with Microsoft Azure Sentinel implementation includes four weeks of professional services to help you discover, envision, deploy, and tune an Azure Sentinel security information and event management solution according to your business needs.

SQL Lift, Optimize & Shift - 7-Day Assessment.png

SQL Lift, Optimize & Shift: 7-Day Assessment: In this seven-day assessment, SoftJam will analyze your SQL Server workload along with your business needs to define the best Microsoft Azure landing zone for hosting and a suitable migration path aligned to your requirements.

TM ONE Cloud 4-Week Assessment.png

TM ONE Cloud: 4-Week Assessment: After gaining an understanding of your end-to-end digital transformation goals, VADS Berhad will work with you to define the right cloud solution with a holistic approach that addresses people and processes as well as technology.

Tune Up Your Azure SQL 2-Day Assessment.png

Tune Up Your Azure SQL: 2-Day Assessment: In this two-day assessment, SoftJam will analyze your Azure SQL deployment to determine whether it's compliant with Microsoft’s architectural, performance, and security best practices. Deliverables include next steps for increasing security, performance, and your return on investment.

WorkZone - Azure Virtual Desktop.png

WorkZone - Azure Virtual Desktop: WorkZone by Neos IT is a managed service covering all your Azure Virtual Desktop needs. Neos IT provides the Azure environment for business applications and manages the migration and operation of existing applications with pay-as-you-go pricing and unlimited scalability.

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