Tuesday, September 21, 2021

BrainPOP integrates with Immersive Reader to make learning more accessible for all

Today we are excited to announce that BrainPOP has integrated Microsoft’s Immersive Reader!  Students around the

world are engaged in learning with BrainPOP's animated movies featuring relatable characters that connect to students through humor and empathy. Educators love that BrainPOP helps them meets the unique academic and social-emotional needs of each student with content across the curriculum. Over the past few months, we have heard many requests to integrate BrainPOP with the Immersive Reader, today we are excited to announce this integration! Immersive Reader’s integration with BrainPOP’s dynamic apps and services further accelerate the development of critical reading and comprehension skills while making learning more accessible for all students.


 “We’re excited to level the playing field with Microsoft Immersive Reader’s proven techniques to improve reading and accessibility for all learners,” said Karina Linch, chief product officer at BrainPOP. “This inclusive learning tool addresses the challenges teachers face to support a wide range of student reading abilities across content areas. We look forward to continuing to meet educators’ needs by integrating Immersive Reader across other BrainPOP products and features in the future.”

Teachers and students using BrainPOP’s Quizzes will now see the icon for Immersive Reader. Through features such as read aloud, line focus, translation and grammar markings, as well as the ability to adjust the size, style, and color of the font, learning becomes even more accessible to all students.


Make content more inclusive is what Immersive Reader is best at, and as you can see below, now BrainPOP’s Quizzes are even more accessible! 



Try out BrainPOP today

If you already have a BrainPOP subscription, visit brainpop.com to log in and start exploring Immersive Reader on hundreds of Quizzes. Not yet a subscriber? Get in touch with BrainPOP's Sales Team to learn more about opportunities to bring BrainPOP to your classroom or school.  


Integrating Immersive Reader

For others looking to explore how to integration the Immersive Reader into your app or service, here are some helpful getting start links:

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Mike Tholfsen
Product Manager, Microsoft Education



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