Wednesday, September 8, 2021

[Customer Story] Sheffield Hallam University using Azure Virtual Desktop and Azure Lab Services

Here is another example of mixed usage for Azure Virtual Desktop and Azure Lab Services.


Some passages are below:


“Sheffield Hallam University needed to quickly pivot when COVID-19 forced staff and students to work from home in the middle of an ongoing data-center migration. Adopting Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Azure Lab Services, the university was able to guarantee access to resource-intensive programs that students had only been able to use through on-campus computer labs.”


“Using Azure Lab Services, organizations can easily run classes, set up training labs, and host hackathon events in the cloud. Students and teachers can access these virtual spaces from anywhere, anytime. “Azure Lab Services functions a lot like Azure Virtual Desktop.”


“It works so well for us that we went from deployment to being the largest UK consumer of the service in just 12 weeks.”


“Many of the courses that were migrated to Azure Lab Services had previously depended on locally hosted virtual machines to deliver access to specialist software. After 12 weeks, Sheffield Hallam had moved 20 courses to the service, garnering praise from students and faculty alike."


“Azure Lab Services has been incredibly well received by everyone who has used it, they all think it’s fantastic.”


“Azure Lab Services went really well last year, and we’ve had heaps of new requests from academics who want to get it up and running themselves,”

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