Thursday, September 30, 2021

Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program featured on Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast

Check out the latest Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast featuring Orion O’ Malley and the Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program.  Hosted by Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein, the trio discuss the program’s history, the path to certification, and its benefits to organizations and customers.  The program is currently being offered at no cost to ISV’s.


“We really wanted to make Microsoft 365 Certification accessible to companies of all sizes so that ideally every single app in our ecosystem can get certification.”  - Orion O’ Malley


Listen to the podcast here: Microsoft 365 App Certification with Orion O‘Malley (


The Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program is a two step approach to app security and compliance that includes Publisher Verification and the Microsoft 365 Certification. Each tier builds upon the next – offering a layered program to give users the confidence they need while using apps in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.


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