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Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 170

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 143 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Alpaqa Studio for Cosmos DB.png

Alpaqa Studio for Cosmos DB: Alpaqa Studio for Cosmos DB is a professional management studio and an integrated development environment for Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB. Easily visualize, query, and modify data in Cosmos DB from the solution's simple yet powerful graphical user interface.

Apache Kafka.png

Apache Kafka: This image from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Apache Kafka on Ubuntu Server 20.04. Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used by thousands of companies for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, and more.

Call2Teams for PBX with Phone App.png

Call2Teams for PBX with Phone App: Running on Microsoft Azure, Call2Teams from Qunifi is a cloud-native middleware product that sits between your PBX and Microsoft Teams. There's no need to port numbers, change your carrier, or replace your phone system. Call2Teams with Phone App voice-enables Teams for occasional phone users.

CentOS 7.9 with Desktop KDE.png

CentOS 7.9 with KDE Desktop: This image offered by VMLab, an authorized reseller for Websoft9, provides version 4.14 of KDE Desktop, a popular Linux desktop environment, on CentOS 7.9. Version 1.8 of remote desktop app TightVNC and version 0.9 of Xrdp, an open-source implementation of Microsoft RDP server, are also included. 

Cloud-Native Database for Apache CouchDB.png

Cloud-Native Database for Apache CouchDB: This image offered by VMLab, an authorized reseller for Websoft9, provides version 3.1 of Apache CouchDB and version 1.20 of NGINX on Ubuntu 20.04. Apache CouchDB is an open-source NoSQL database.

Cloud Protect.png

Cloud Protect: The Cloud Protect cybersecurity platform from RyanTech enables businesses to protect themselves from phishing scams and other security breaches. The RyanTech team offers continuous monitoring, autonomous threat detection, and real-time alerts. 

Cloudticity Oxygen NIST 800-53 Managed Compliance.png

Cloudticity Oxygen NIST 800-53 Managed Compliance: With Cloudticity Oxygen, you can meet compliance and certification requirements while freeing up your team to focus on product development and innovation. Ensure NIST 800-53 compliance and achieve HIPAA compliance or HITRUST certification in a dynamic cloud environment.


CubeCart: This image from Niles Partners provides CubeCart, open-source software for e-commerce businesses. CubeCart features search engine optimization, digital download support, spam control (reCAPTCHA), an image resizer, and more.

Docker on Azure.png

Docker on Azure: This image from Ntegral provides Docker, an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. Docker uses OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers. Ntegral images are secure and built to work right out of the box.

Flarum Forum.png

Flarum Forum: This image from Niles Partners provides Flarum, a discussion platform for websites. Built with PHP, Flarum is quick and easy to deploy, and its JavaScript framework gives it a tiny footprint.

Kafka Server.png

Kafka Server: This image from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Apache Kafka on CentOS Server 8.4. Apache Kafka is an open-source platform used by thousands of companies for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications.

KeyedIn Enterprise.png

KeyedIn Enterprise: KeyedIn's software encompasses portfolio analysis, scenario modeling, capacity planning, product portfolio management, and more, supporting the evolving needs of project management offices and strategy realization offices.

Migrate from AWS to Azure with Cloudticity Oxygen.png

Migrate from AWS to Azure with Cloudticity Oxygen: This offer from Cloudticity focuses on working with healthcare organizations considering migrating to Microsoft Azure. By offloading IT operations to the Cloudticity Oxygen managed service on Azure, IT leaders can free up internal resources and focus on innovation.

Packer on Azure.png

Packer on Azure: This image from Ntegral provides Packer, an infrastructure-as-code tool for simplifying the creation of server machine images. Packer users define and enforce infrastructure configurations through a JSON-like language called HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language).

Piwigo Photo Gallery.png

Piwigo Photo Gallery: This image from Niles Partners provides Piwigo, open-source photo gallery software that helps organizations centralize, organize, and publish their digital content. Access permissions can be controlled for photos and albums, as well as for groups or individual users.

RavenHQ Database.png

RavenHQ Database: RavenHQ is a Raven 3.5 database managed by RavenHQ in supported Microsoft Azure regions. Through fully managed RavenDB servers and scalable plans, RavenHQ will handle installation, updates, availability, performance, security, and backups.


Sentrifugo HRM: This image from Niles Partners provides Sentrifugo, an open-source human resources management system for small and medium-sized businesses. Evaluate employee performance, track available time off, enable self-service options, and manage service requests with Sentrifugo.


Typesetter: This image from Niles Partners provides the Typesetter content management system. Typesetter is written in PHP and focuses on ease of use with true what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editing and flat-file storage.

Ubuntu 20.04 with Desktop MATE.png

Ubuntu 20.04 with MATE Desktop: This image offered by VMLab, an authorized reseller for Websoft9, provides MATE Desktop 1.24 on Ubuntu 20.04. MATE Desktop is a continuation of GNOME 2, a free and open-source desktop environment for Linux. TightVNC 1.3 and Xrdp 0.9 are also included.

Ubuntu 20.04 with Desktop Xfce.png

Ubuntu 20.04 with Xfce Desktop: This image offered by VMLab, an authorized reseller for Websoft9, packages Xfce Desktop 4.14, TightVNC 1.3, and Xrdp 0.9 on Ubuntu 20.04. Xfce Desktop is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Analytics Envisioning- 1-Day Workshop.png

Analytics Envisioning: 1-Day Workshop: Campana & Schott's workshop will help you understand the value of the Microsoft analytics tool stack and adopt it in your company. Campana & Schott can also outline the holistic support necessary for a transformation to a data-driven organization.

Analytics in a Day- 4-Hour Workshop.png

Analytics in a Day: 4-Hour Workshop: This workshop from KiZAN Technologies will simplify and accelerate your journey toward using an end-to-end analytics platform to power your business. Get started with Microsoft Power BI and Azure Synapse and enable a truly data-driven culture.

App Modernization- 2-Week Implementation.png

App Modernization: 2-Week Implementation: Cellenza will address software obsolescence and replace old components with more modern and flexible tools (for example, switching from .NET Framework to .NET 5). Cellenza will look at your company's practices, platforms, and tools. This offer is available only in French.

App Modernization Framework- 4-Week Implementation.png

App Modernization Framework: 4-Week Implementation: Maureen Data Systems will work with you to create a business case for your modernization effort, determine the appropriate Microsoft Azure environment to migrate to, create a proof of concept, and operationalize deployment and maintenance.

Azure Active Directory B2C QuickStart- Implementation.png

Azure Active Directory B2C QuickStart: Implementation: Basic, Basic+, Standard, and Standard+ implementation packages from Oxford Computer Group can help you start managing external identities with Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C. The packages range from two days to eight weeks in duration.

Azure Cost Optimization- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Cost Optimization: 4-Week Implementation: This service from Sopra Steria Norway helps customers optimize the cost of the Microsoft Azure services they use. Sopra Steria Norway's guidance and monitoring will reduce overspending and ensure that cost and use are in line with actual needs.

Azure Devsecops Service- 8-Week Implementation.png

Azure DevSecOps Service: 8-Week Implementation: MFEC Public Company Limited will set your business up with a DevOps solution that's fast, efficient, and driven by Microsoft Azure DevOps. Enhance security with DevSecOps methodology and modernize apps by adopting CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery). 

Azure Multi-Cloud Security- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Multi-Cloud Security: 4-Week Implementation: In this implementation, BDO Digital will deploy a framework that will centralize how you secure, monitor, and manage servers across three clouds. The deployment will simplify your IT security landscape and provide centralized visibility.

Azure Synapse Analytics- 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Synapse Analytics: 1-Day Workshop: drjve's workshop will introduce participants to Microsoft Azure Synapse, delving into the concepts and architecture of the modern platform for structured and unstructured data.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 4-Week Proof of concept.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 3-Week Proof of Concept: SoftwareONE's starter kit will help you try out Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and quickly deliver remote workspaces. SoftwareONE will deliver a workshop followed by design and review sessions, then a proof of concept.

Azure Virtual Desktop- Implementation in 10 Days.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: Implementation in 10 Days: With remote-work arrangements becoming more common, virtualization is growing more important than ever. aConTech's starter pack can help your company adopt Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and increase flexibility. This offer is available only in German.

Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure as Code- 1-Week Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure as Code: 1-Week: In this engagement, Swiss IT Security will implement its solution using Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure via Terraform, HashiCorp's infrastructure-as-code tool. This offer is available only in German.

Azure VMWare Adopt and Migrate- 2-Week Implementation.png

Azure VMware Adopt and Migrate: 2-Week Implementation: Allow SoftwareONE to help you migrate, manage, and secure VMware workloads on Microsoft Azure. SoftwareONE can assist with disaster recovery, datacenter expansion, app modernization, and many other use-case scenarios.

Big Data & Data Warehouses- 4-Week Implementation.png

Big Data & Data Warehouses: 4-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Kumulus will map your data sources and optimize big-data systems so your business can better use its data and increase market competitiveness. This offer is available only in Portuguese.

Business Inteligence- 4-Week Implementation.png

Business Intelligence: 4-Week Implementation: With the help of Kumulus, you can transform the data your company already has into business intelligence. Kumulus will use Microsoft Power BI to create powerful visualizations that improve decision making. This offer is available only in Portuguese.

Cloud-Native Advance Vision- 1-Day Workshop.png

Cloud-Native Advance Vision: 1-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Kainos will quickly determine which areas of your business need to adopt changes and how that can be achieved. Kainos will then help you create a high-level transformation and cloud modernization road map.

Cloud-Native App Modernisation- 2-Hour Workshop.png

Cloud-Native App Modernization: 2-Hour Workshop: In this workshop, Kainos will explore the techniques, technologies, and approaches you can use to modernize one of your company's apps using Microsoft Azure technologies. The workshop will be interactive, and participants are encouraged to provide insight, opinion, and challenge.

Cloud-Native App Modernization Implementation.png

Cloud-Native App Modernization Implementation: Kainos engineers will work with your team to develop an optimized road map and backlog for your app, then deliver the first modernization sprint. The first week will be devoted to discovery and planning, and the next two weeks will focus on the co-delivery sprint.

Cloud-Native Incubator Implementation.png

Cloud-Native Incubator Implementation: Build a vision for your cloud-native future with the expert support of Kainos. Kainos will assess your business's processes and technologies, then create transformation initiatives that balance complexity, risk, resources, and potential business impact.

Microsoft Data Academy- 10-Week Implementation.png

Data Academy: 10-Week Implementation: Lixar IT's academy program will enable a data-driven culture across your company. Using business acumen, industry knowledge, and Microsoft technical skills, Lixar IT's team will upskill your staff on databases, organizational data sets, and tools such as Microsoft Power BI.

Databases High Availability in Azure- 1-Week Implementation.png

Databases for High Availability in Azure: 1-Week Implementation: Advatech's service is designed to ensure high availability for Microsoft Azure environments based on Oracle databases while complying with Oracle licensing requirements. Analysis of your system configuration will allow Advatech to propose solutions and backup requirements.

Datacenter Migration- 5-Day Workshop.png

Datacenter Migration: 5-Day Workshop: TechniData IT's cloud experts will meet with your stakeholders to define goals, then design your datacenter environment on Microsoft Azure, implement the first test group, and train your IT administrators. This offer is available only in German.

Data Governance- 4-Week Implementation.png

Data Governance: 4-Week Implementation: Kumulus will assess your company's maturity, evaluating business intelligence, data visualization, and analytics initiatives to create a transformation road map using solutions such as Azure Policy and Azure Purview. This offer is available only in Portuguese.

Data Platform in 30 Days- 4-Week Implementation.png

Data Platform in 30 Days: 4-Week Implementation: KiZAN Technologies will provide guidance, education, and hands-on support for moving data workloads to Microsoft Azure. KiZAN will consider up to three scenarios, create a reference architecture design, implement a landing zone, and modernize your data estate.

Dedalus App Innovation- 4-Week Implementation.png

Dedalus App Innovation: 4-Week Implementation: Dedalus will support your organization's digital transformation by moving legacy apps to a modern infrastructure on Microsoft Azure, which can offer storage elasticity, business agility, lower framework costs, and other advantages.

Digital Advisory- 2-Week Implementation.png

Digital Advisory: 2-Week Implementation: Cellenza will create a master plan to realize your company's IT vision. Cellenza's approach emphasizes long-term collaborative work and support. This offer is available only in French.

Enforced Information Protection- 6-Week Implementation.png

Enforced Information Protection: 6-Week Implementation: BDO Digital's experts will deploy an information protection solution within Office 365, then configure tools and train your team on how to manage your external data-sharing model.

Getting Started in Azure- 1-Day Workshop.png

Getting Started in Azure: 1-Day Workshop: In this workshop, ConvergeOne's cloud experts will determine your unique business goals and create a framework for moving your company's servers and/or workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Go 2 Cloud- 2-Week Implementation.png

Go 2 Cloud: 2-Week Implementation: Cellenza will analyze your infrastructure and application needs to propose an effective migration path to Microsoft Azure. Migration scenarios can include rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, rebuilding, or replacing. This offer is available only in French.

Hybrid Cloud Security- 5-Day Workshop.png

Hybrid Cloud Security: 5-Day Workshop: Get a customized threat and vulnerability analysis of your hybrid and multi-cloud environment with this workshop from Rackspace. Rackspace will help you develop a strategic plan based on the recommendations of Microsoft cybersecurity experts.

Implement Azure Virtual Desktop- 4 Weeks.png

Implement Azure Stack HCI & Edge Hybrid Cloud: 4 Weeks: S.Pin Technology will implement Microsoft Azure Stack HCI or Azure Stack Edge Pro equipment, based on customer preference, and provide cloud environment configuration services. This offer is available only in Korean.

Implement Azure Virtual Desktop- 4 Weeks.png

Implement Azure Virtual Desktop: 4 Weeks: S.Pin Technology will analyze your business's requirements, then configure a virtual desktop infrastructure using Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. This offer is available only in Korean.

Implementation Advanced Networking Service- 6 Weeks.png

Implementation of Advanced Networking Service: 6 Weeks: S.Pin Technology's six-week service entails an on-premises network assessment, construction of a network environment on Microsoft Azure, and a proof of concept of private network and backup capabilities. This offer is available only in Korean.

IoT for enterprises discovery workshop.png

IoT for Enterprises: Discovery Workshop: Cegeka NV's workshop, intended for operational personnel and IT staff or business owners, will deliver a long-term IoT road map for implementation priorities, starting with minimal-effort quick wins and extending to high-value scale-up initiatives.

IoT MarketPlace Accelerator - MPA.png

IoT Marketplace Accelerator - MPA: Within two weeks of receiving device information from an IoT solution provider or original equipment manufacturer, Tartabit will deliver a low-code, IoT Bridge solution template, which will enable integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Azure Cosmos DB, and more.

IoT Plug and Play Accelerator- 1-Week Implementation.png

IoT Plug-and-Play Accelerator: 1-Week Implementation: Tartabit's offer assists IoT device makers and original equipment manufacturers in listing their devices in the Microsoft Azure Certified Device catalog.

Keep Cloud Under Reliability- 2-Week Implementation.png

Keep Cloud Under Reliability: 2-Week Implementation: Cellenza will align the architecture of your solution on Microsoft Azure with your availability, performance, and disaster recovery goals so you can react swiftly to any breakdown or malfunction. This offer is available only in French.

Keep Cloud Under Security- 4-Week Implementation.png

Keep Cloud Under Security: 4-Week Implementation: Depending on the maturity of your organization's cloud environment, Cellenza will conduct a security audit and/or workshops to propose compliance frameworks. This offer is available only in French.

Lotus Domino Apps Migration- 8-Week Implementation.png

Lotus Domino Apps Migration: 8-Week Implementation: Develonica, formerly known as Aplana and part of the Softline Group, will re-engineer legacy Lotus Domino applications and transition them to either Microsoft Azure or Microsoft 365, depending on client preference.

Migrate to Azure DevOps- 9-Day Implementation.png

Migrate to Azure DevOps: 9-Day Implementation: Cellenza will migrate your server platform to Microsoft Azure DevOps Server so you can ensure agility and a high level of availability. This offer is available only in French.

Mobile Factory- 2-Week Implementation.png

Mobile Factory: 2-Week Implementation: Cellenza's multidisciplinary team will build a pilot application hosted on Microsoft Azure that will serve as a showcase for Azure DevOps. This offer is available only in French.

Modern Cloud Data Warehouse- 4-Week Implementation.png

Modern Cloud Data Warehouse: 4-Week Implementation: Adastra will help you identify and migrate targeted on-premises workloads to Microsoft Azure, using visualization, transformations, and more to further your enterprise data strategy.

Modern Culture of Data- 4 Hour Strategy Workshop.png

Modern Culture of Data: 4-Hour Strategy Workshop: A modern culture of data is an environment of experimentation, empowerment, curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration. In this workshop, Slalom Consulting will determine where you are in the data journey and define next steps to enable your bold vision.

Modern Data Platform- 30-Day Proof of Concept.png

Modern Data Platform: 30-Day Proof of Concept: This proof of concept from Maureen Data Systems will modernize your current data estate on Microsoft Azure, establishing foundational strategy and vision while leading your organization in adopting Azure best practices.

NFT and Fungible tokens on Azure- 2-Hour Workshop.png

NFT and Fungible Tokens on Azure: 2-Hour Workshop: Learn about implementing fungible and nonfungible tokens (NFT) on Microsoft Azure in this workshop from HCL Technologies. Blockchain experts will cover various design and deployment choices, then discuss your use case.

SAP on Azure- 10-Week Implementation.png

SAP on Azure: 10-Week Implementation: Runibex Technology Group can manage your day-to-day operations and reduce the maintenance costs of on-premises SAP implementations. You'll receive secure, instantly scalable, highly available SAP capabilities with a predictable monthly fee.

Securing Identity- 3-Day Workshop.png

Securing Identity: 3-Day Workshop: This workshop series from Greeneris will give you insight into the state of your organization's identity security and help you transition to a modern identity based on Microsoft Azure.

Smart Automation- 5-weeks implementation.png

Smart Automation: 5-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Cellenza will automate time-consuming tasks, such as document processing and content extraction, so your operational staff can focus on more rewarding business initiatives. This offer is available only in French.

Web App Modernization Implementation-10 Weeks.png

Web App Modernization: 10-Week Implementation: Let KiZAN Technologies modernize your web applications and right-size services for your needs. KiZAN will factor in performance and security requirements and detail available options so you can have a suitable modernization plan.

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