Monday, October 25, 2021

General Availability: Azure Sphere version 21.10 new and updated features

The Azure Sphere 21.10 feature release is now available and includes the following components:

  • Updated Azure Sphere OS.
  • Updated Azure Sphere SDK for Windows and for Linux.
  • Updated Azure Sphere extensions for Visual Studio and for Visual Studio Code.
  • Updated samples, tutorials, gallery items, and documentation.

If your devices are connected to the internet, they will receive the updated OS from the cloud. You'll be prompted to install the updated SDK on next use, or you can install it now. To install the latest SDK, see the installation Quickstart for Windows or Linux:


New and changed features in the 21.10 release

The 21.10 release includes:


Web Proxy Support

Azure Sphere devices can now connect to a network through a proxy server. You can configure a proxy with applibs commands or with the CLI. For more information, see Connect Azure Sphere through a proxy server.

For more information on the available CLI commands, see network proxy.


wolfSSL updated to Version 4.8.1

The Azure Sphere OS now includes wolfSSL 4.8.1. This update brings the latest security fixes and performance enhancements from wolfSSL. In addition, a new ABI is exposed through the OS to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks in some TLS configurations. When using wolfSSL in your application (as shown in the wolfSSL sample), we recommend using wolfSSL_CTX_set_verify to validate the host whenever applicable.

See more information about using wolfSSL_CTX_set_verify on the wolfSSL website.


Verify tenant CA certificate automatically on Azure IoT Hub

We have updated the guidance on how to configure Azure IoT Hub and DPS with Azure Sphere tenant certificates to include a simplified process that does not require a proof-of-possession verification step. For more information, see Set up an Azure IoT Hub for Azure Sphere and Set up an Azure IoT Hub for Azure Sphere with the Device Provisioning Service.


Support for tenant rename

The azsphere tenant update Azure Sphere CLI command enables you to rename an existing tenant. For more information, see the tenant command reference topic.


Specify output format for Wi-Fi commands

The azsphere device wifi commands now support the --output (--out or -o) parameter to specify the format of the CLI output. For more information, see Supported output formats.


Using the MT3620 in scenarios where Wi-Fi is not required

We have provided updated software and hardware guidance for scenarios where Wi-Fi is either temporarily or permanently not required, showing how to lower power consumption and simplify hardware designs in such scenarios. See Wi-Fi connections and MT3620 hardware notes for details.


New and updated samples and Gallery projects for 21.10

The following Azure Sphere samples  have been updated for 21.10:

  • An additional readme was added to the AzureIoT sample  to show how to add web proxy support.
  • The HTTPS/cURL  samples have been updated to show how to add proxy support.

The following projects in the Azure Sphere Gallery  have been added or updated for 21.10:


Fixed bugs and common vulnerabilities in the 21.10 release

The 21.10 release includes updates to mitigate against the following CVEs:

  • cURL CVE-2021-22922
  • cURL CVE-2021-22923
  • cURL CVE-2021-22925
  • cURL CVE-2021-22926
  • cURL CVE-2021-22946
  • cURL CVE-2021-22947


For more information on Azure Sphere OS feeds and setting up an evaluation device group, see Azure Sphere OS feeds and Set up devices for OS evaluation.

For self-help technical inquiries, please visit Microsoft Q&A or Stack Overflow. If you require technical support and have a support plan, please submit a support ticket in Microsoft Azure Support or work with your Microsoft Technical Account Manager. If you would like to purchase a support plan, please explore the Azure support plans.

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