Monday, October 11, 2021

General availability (GA): Azure Data Factory managed virtual network

Azure Data Factory (ADF) managed virtual network is now generally available. 

Security is a key tenet of Azure Data Factory. Customers want to protect their data sources and hope that data transmission occurs as much as possible in a secure network environment. Any potential man-in-the-middle or spoof traffic attack on public networks could bring problems of data security and data exfiltration. With managed virtual network, you can provision the Azure Integration Runtime as part of a managed Virtual Network and leverage Private Endpoints to securely connect to supported data stores. Data traffic goes through Azure Private Links which provide secured connectivity to the data source. In addition, it prevents data exfiltration to the public internet. 


Create IR.png


You also can leverages Private Link Service and Load Balancer to access on premises data stores or data stores in another virtual network from ADF managed virtual network.



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