Thursday, October 21, 2021

Introducing the Azure VMware Solution: Zero to Hero Video Series

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) is a first party service offering, fully validated by VMware. AVS provides a unified VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), integrating VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX-T. A typical customer deployment lives on bare metal, hyper converged, dedicated nodes.

Since the general availability launch of Azure VMware Solution, more and more customers have gravitated toward the solution as a way to speed up digital transformation. There are a variety of different migration drivers and events which determine what path a customer embarks upon related to cloud adoption. Over the past year especially, organizations rose to new challenges, which included distributed or remote workforces. The increased need for business continuity, remote access, elasticity, scale, and innovation met the challenge of legacy infrastructure, potential platform or software incompatibilities, and compliance requirements. In a time where speed and simplicity are critical, Azure VMware Solution provided organizations with a fast path to cloud. Customers could retain longstanding VMware investments, skills, and tools, all the while continuing to accelerate a migration into Azure.

A few months back, Shabaz Darr (@ShabazDarr) approached me to work on an AVS: Zero to Hero series (after his AVD: Zero to Hero series launched and found great success within the broader community). He had watched several videos and presentations I had delivered over the last year and a half on AVS. His hope was to spread awareness about the service and to take himself from “zero to hero” throughout the process.

Today, we’re both happy to announce that his first video has officially launched on his YouTube channel I Am IT Geek. We introduce ourselves and introduce the Azure VMware Solution service.

Episode 1 - AVS Zero to Hero - AVS Introduction.jpg

Additionally, we plot out the release schedule for all the videos in this series. If you’re curious, check out the episode listing below:

Episode 1 – Zero to Hero: Introduction to the Azure VMware Solution Video Series
Episode 2 – Zero to Hero: What is Azure VMware Solution
Episode 3 – Zero to Hero: Planning for Azure VMware Solution
Episode 4 – Zero to Hero: Deploying Underlying Infrastructure
Episode 5 – Zero to Hero: Deploying Azure VMware Solution
Episode 6 – Zero to Hero: Monitoring and Alerting Azure VMware Solution
Episode 7 – Zero to Hero: 3rd Party Integrations and Backup

The plan is to release one new video each week over the next handful of weeks. Stay tuned to Shabaz’s YouTube channel and the ITOpsTalk blog to find out more as each video releases!

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