Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Microsoft Edge feature coming to Microsoft 365 admin center

Send Microsoft Edge promotional emails through a new feature in the Setup page of the Microsoft 365 admin center, titled “Get fast, secure browsing with Microsoft Edge”. This is expected to be released towards the end of October 2021 and will provide admins with the opportunity to encourage the use of Microsoft Edge in their organization by sending an email to their users.


Admins will be provided with three options they can choose to include in the email they send to their users.

  • A download link for Microsoft Edge
  • Instructions on how to sign in and sync passwords, favorites, and settings
  • Instructions on how to turn on security and performance features in Microsoft Edge

Some of the key security and performance features users will be able to turn on are:

  • Password Monitor. Monitors for and reports any password leaks.
  • Sleeping Tabs. Puts inactive tabs to sleep to free up resources for active tabs.


After selections have been made, admins will have the chance to preview their email before selecting the users and groups and then sending the email.


To get started with this experience, please visit the Setup page in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and select “Get fast, secure browsing with Microsoft Edge“.

To make sure the email sent to users isn’t marked as junk add this email address, ms-noreply@microsoft.com, to the Safe Sender’s list of all users you would like to receive the email. To learn more, see Use Exchange Online PowerShell to configure the safelist collection on a mailbox.

Also make sure that anyone you want to be able to access this feature has at least Global Reader or another type of admin role assigned. To learn more, see About admin roles.

To learn about additional features of Microsoft Edge, see Get to know the innovative features in Microsoft Edge.

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