Friday, October 15, 2021

Microsoft Teams and Advanced Broadcast Options Using NDI - Resources

Teams NDI.png  This morning a colleague reached out to me after getting an inquiry on the use of NDI with Microsoft Teams for delivering webinars/webcasts. “NDI™ (Network Device Interface) is an open protocol developed by NewTek™ to enable video compatible products to share video across a local area network.” - NDI (Network Device Interface) Overview – NewTek Knowledge Base

In other words NDI allows the use of various network sources to serve as video sources/virtual cameras without the need for direct wires and connection. It can be a great way to access a wide variety of content and production and opens up a world of possibilities especially when combined with rich mixing stations, physical (like Newtek Tricaster) or in software (like OBS).

In regards to the customer they were looking for info around how NDI worked, bandwidth considerations, and more. Rather than just provide them as a one off I thought I would share the resources I provided here as well.

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