Thursday, October 28, 2021

New enhancements added to network security dashboard

Written in collaboration with Mohit Kumar (Program Manager, Azure Network Security CxE Team)



Last month, we announced the availability of the new Network Security Dashboard for Security Center, which allows you to quickly get real time visibility of the security configuration of your networking and network security services, across multiple subscriptions in Azure.


What’s new in the dashboard


In addition to the networking and network security services and products which were originally supported in the Dashboard, we have now added support for two main use-cases (thanks to @Gurjinder Pal Singh for his contribution):

  • PaaS Services: ipRules, virtualNetworkRules and privateEndpointConnections for Databases & Storage Accounts
  • Virtual WAN (vWAN) consolidated view of Virtual WANs (inlcuding VPN/ExpressRoute/P2S)




To review the full list, please visit


We will continue to add support for additional Azure Network Security and networking products to the workbook in future. To suggest ideas and provide your feedback, please use this form: You can also contribute to the workbook by joining the community and following the guidance.


How to deploy

The Network Security Dashboard is available in the Azure Security Center GitHub Repo page, under Workbooks and can be accessed directly with its direct URL:

If you already deployed the original version and want to get the latest updated, please use the instructions above to get the updated one. Workbook change log is available on the info panel at the appear section.


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