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October in HLS – Voices of Healthcare Cloud, Microsoft Viva, MidDay Café, and More




Welcome to the monthly Healthcare and Life Sciences blog recap, October edition. Check out the highlights below:



  • Create Your First SMART of FHIR: Interested in creating applications that interact with any FHIR compatible EMR? Access the SMART on FHIR starter kit here.
  • Scalable Genomics Annotation Analysis with OpenCRAVAT: In this blog, learn about the integration of OpenCRAVAT on Azure Data Science Virtual Machines. Read the post here.


MidDay Cafe

  • Viva Connections and Power BI training: In this episode learn about some new announcements around Microsoft Viva Connections and Power BI training resources. Watch the episode here.
  • New Teams Features and Power Platform Governance: Learn about Power Platform Governance and Security as well as new features coming to Microsoft Teams. Click here to watch.
  • SharePoint Online: In this episode learn about the new and exciting capabilities of SharePoint online. Learn more here.
  • Teams Updates and Microsoft Clipchamp: Learn more about Teams voice capabilities and the latest Microsoft 365 acquisition tool. Clipchamp. Watch the episode here.  
  • Teams Voice Updates and Employee Experience News: In this episode, learn about new updates around Microsoft Teams Voice, Employee Experience, and more. Click here to watch.
  • Teams Encryption, Microsoft Viva, and more: Learn about end-to-end encryption for Microsoft Teams calls, personalization in Viva Connections, and more. Learn more here.


Voices of Healthcare Cloud

  • Microsoft Cloud of Healthcare: Learn about the new Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and how it solves problems with a Human Centered Design. Learn more here.  
  • Patient Message Automation: In this episode, learn about patient message automation solution at Sutter Health. Watch the episode here.
  • FHIR Power: Learn about how FHIR interoperability unleashes low code/no code for your citizen developers. Click here to watch.
  • Physician Referral & Relationship Management: Learn about current industry challenges surrounding referral management. Read the post here.  


Microsoft Teams

  • Advanced Broadcast Options Using NDI Resources: Learn how you can leverage Network Device Interface with Microsoft Teams for delivering webinars and webcasts. Read the post here.  
  • Raw Data Podcast from P3 Adaptive: P3 Adaptive discusses Microsoft Teams, Viva, and healthcare innovation with the Microsoft team. Listen to the podcast episode here.


Blacks in Healthcare Series

  • Dr. Jayne Morgan – Vaccinations Keepin’ It 100: Dr. Jayne Morgan shares what we should know about vaccinations. Watch the episode here.
  • Vaccination Awareness and the GHC3 Initiative: Tune into a panel of healthcare professionals talk about Covid-19 vaccinations and the GHC3 initiative. Click here to watch.


Security Matters Newsletter

  • Get Updates on Microsoft Security: Interested in learning more about Microsoft security? Get the update here.


Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

  • Latest Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Update: The latest update of Microsoft Cloud for Health includes a deeper commitment to healthcare providers in enhancing patient engagement and improving data functionality. Learn about the update here.


Microsoft Viva

  • Microsoft Viva Four Part Webinar Series: Sign up for the four-part healthcare specific Viva webinar series. Click here to sign up.
  • Microsoft Viva Connections: Watch step-by-step instructions on how to setup Viva Connections and personalize it for your end users. Watch the webcast here.


January's HLS Blog Contributors:



Michael Gannotti, Principal Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams



Shelly Avery, Director of Industry, Health and Life Sciences



Alfred Ojukwu, Senior Surface Specialist, Health and Life Sciences



Sameer Doshi, Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Azure


Jeremy W.jpg

Jeremy Windmiller, Senior Technical Specialist, Security & Compliance


satish thomas.jpg

Satish Thomas, VP Industry Clouds + Solutions



Erdal Cosgun, Senior Data & Applied Scientist




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