Thursday, October 28, 2021

Preview of Feedback for Microsoft Teams now available

Starting today, the preview of Feedback for Microsoft Teams, a new community feedback experience from Microsoft, is available. Built on Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Feedback continues our dedication to using customer feedback to help with the further development and improvement of Teams. Since 2017, when Teams became the hub for collaboration in Microsoft 365, user submissions have driven the completion of over 500 features and improvements, and we aim to complete thousands more.


The new Feedback portal will allow users to submit their own feedback, browse other publicly submitted ideas, track official Microsoft responses, see our top voted customer ideas, upvote the feedback they agree with, and comment on feedback that matches their own. Top known feedback items remain available in the new portal.



In Feedback, users will also be able to easily track their favorite ideas through the ‘star’ icon and receive notifications when those ideas are responded to by Microsoft.


Explore the new Feedback portal now at and let us know what you need most from your Teams experience.  Learn more about the broad topic of Feedback at Microsoft in our documentation.

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