Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Supporting engineer-to-engineer engagement at Microsoft Ignite 2021

Greetings everyone! In the spirit of the great barnstormers, we've dawned our leather helmets, goggles, scarves, and gloves as we seek to create the very best engineering-focused Windows content for Microsoft Ignite.


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Our teams are actively building their ideas and content for their sessions. We continue to focus on what we call the "E2E", or engineer-to-engineer, model, when it comes to content creation. Why? Quite simply, we want to support you—with prescriptive, actionable guidance that will help you and your organizations take the guesswork out of Windows client features, services, and processes. We are committed to bringing you useful information that will help you get the best out of what you have in place today and ultimately scale and simplify for the future.

This has no doubt been a big year for anyone deploying or managing technology. The dynamics of hybrid work, cloud computing, device management, and endpoint security all require skill and expertise to navigate. With Windows 11 now generally available, our focus is on enabling you to be the hero, to upgrade with confidence, and to sustain harmonious coexistence in your environment as you manage Windows devices across your ecosystem.

Here's a peek at the topics for the "depth on demand" sessions we're building out for you—all of which will be available here in the Tech Community on November 2nd!

  • Windows 11 deployment, management, servicing & lifecycle
  • Commercial security from chip to cloud
  • Getting to Windows 11 with Windows Update for Business
  • Servicing drivers & firmware with the Windows Update for Business Deployment Service
  • Cloud attach today, cloud manage now
  • Windows 11 cumulative update improvements
  • Universal Print – what's new and integration with Microsoft 365
  • Sustaining Windows in Microsoft Government clouds
  • The Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, version 21H2 update experience
  • Windows 365: Getting started, hybrid work scenarios, the end user experience, and more!

For a full look at what we have planned for Windows, bookmark our Guide to Windows at Microsoft Ignite. This is your up-to-date resource for a list of all our breakouts and on demand sessions plus chances to Ask the Experts and product roundtables so you can engage directly with those actually building the capabilities that will support you as IT pros and developers today and in the future. If you can't make it to Microsoft Ignite, we'll have sessions available on demand and my colleagues and I are here every third Thursday for live Windows Office Hours here on Tech Community.

Now is a great time to be a part of the big, wide world of Windows. If you haven't already, register at https://ignite.microsoft.com and start building your schedule. My colleagues and I are truly excited to spend time with you at Microsoft Ignite. If there are things you'd like to learn more about next week—or in the future, please drop us a line in the comments below!


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