Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The future of bot building between Azure Bot Service and Power Virtual Agents

In the last year, we have seen tremendous growth in the number of people working and living online, with over two-thirds (74 percent) of chief financial officers’ planning to permanently shift employees to remote work once the COVID-19 crisis ends1. As the workplace constantly evolves, workloads continue to grow and capacity constraints rise, organizations look to AI to manage the greater urgency to meet, and exceed customer and colleague demands.


Conversational AI systems were, until recently, the exclusive domain of specialized vendors and data scientists. Organizations are now progressively opting in for bots to be built in-house by developers. With the shortage of technical skills and the need for subject matter experts to directly author the bot content, it has become even more critical to democratizes aspects of the bot development lifecycle to those closest to process.


Microsoft believes that the key to creating successful bots and delightful Conversational AI experiences is through enabling both developers and developers for bot to achieve this through a simplified and scalable platform via a SaaS service. This provides the ability to build and host bots and fully support sophisticated capabilities for pro developer technologies such as Bot Framework Composer and SDK.


Learn how City of OttawaMiami Dolphins, and Syngenta Group are accelerating bot building through fusion development.

“With Power Virtual Agents, the real winner is this relationship between IT and the client that is harmonious and allows each party to do what they do best to make a good product without the workload of either party being shoved on to the other.”—Jeffery Kozera, Senior Automation Developer and Integrator, City of Ottawa


“Our IT team put the framework in place, but from then on, employees from each part of the business can continually decide how the bot should answer questions related to their function. We can be a lot more productive and efficient with multi-authoring in Power Virtual Agents. It becomes a real team effort.”—Kim Rometo, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Miami Dolphins


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