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The Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) Ninja Training is here!

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The Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) Ninja Training is Here! 


Have you been wanting to figure out the best way to protect data? How about figuring out what is in your environment? Struggling to let others know you’ve completed your training? Well, wait no longer! Our MIP Ninja Training is here! 


We are very excited and pleased to announce this rendition of the Ninja Training Series. With all the other training out there, our team has been working diligently to get this content out there. There are several videos and resources out there and the overall purpose of the MIP+ Compliance Ninja training is to help you master this realm. We aim to get you up-to-date links to the community blogs, training videos, Interactive Guides, learning paths, and any other relevant documentation. 


To make it easier for you to start and advance your knowledge gradually without throwing you in deep waters, we split content in each offering into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  


In addition, after each section, there will be a knowledge check based on the training material you’d have just finished! Since there’s a lot of content, the goal of these knowledge checks is to help you determine if you were able to get a few of the major key takeaways.  


*UPCOMING* There’ll be a fun certificate issued at the end of the training: Disclaimer: This is NOT an official Microsoft certification and only acts as a way of recognizing your participation in this training content. 


Lastly, this training will be updated on a quarterly basis to ensure you all have the latest and greatest material! 


Let us know what you think below in the comments!




Microsoft Documentation 






Scenario Based Demo (Video) 


Microsoft Information Protection 


Azure Information Protection 


Unified Labeling Client 


Sensitive Information Type 


Role-based access control 


Endpoint DLP 


Office 365 Message Encryption 


Exact Data Match 


Data Loss Prevention 


SharePoint Online 


Activity Explorer 


Optical character recognition 


Content Explorer 


Information Rights Management 


Microsoft Cloud App Security 


Azure Active Directory 


Cloud Access Security Broker 


Government Community Cloud 


Government Community Cloud High 


Trainable Classifiers 


Microsoft 365 Compliance Center 


OneDrive SharePoint 


Exchange Online 


Deployment Acceleration Guide


Microsoft Compliance Configuration Analyzer


One Stop Shop


Double Key Encryption


Microsoft Information Protection 


MIP is not a product - it's not the next generation of Azure Information Protection. It is a framework, a suite of products, that work together to provide visualization of sensitive data… lifecycle protection for data and data loss prevention. 


The foundation of MIP is the ability to classify data by our Data Classification Service, please see the below MIP constellation and how other MIP functionalities all work together.  


Platform of Offerings.PNG



Now that you've seen an overview of all the integrations, let's go ahead and jump into the training!


Beginner Level Training


  1. Deployment Acceleration Guide (DAG)
    1. This guide will help you accelerate MIP deployment and follow the crawl-walk-run methodology. 
  2. Microsoft Compliance Configuration Analyzer (MCCA) (D) 
    1. Have you heard of our new MCCA tool that can help you get started with compliance? MCCA is a PowerShell-based utility that will fetch your organization’s current configurations and validate them against Microsoft 365 recommended best practices.
  3. MIP Webinars (V) 
    1. Visit the above link to check out our amazing webinars which give you a closer look at what is upcoming and some of the best practices we push to our customers. 
  4. MIP Overview (D) 
    1. Check out our above documentation to get an overview of what MIP is and the different components intertwined. 
  5. The client side of Azure Information Protection (D) 
    1. Haven’t decided yet if you are going to use Unified or Office built-in labeling client? Here you can learn key differences and find out why it’s important to choose the right client for your environment.    
  6. Sensitivity Information Types (D) 
    1. The above documentation goes into details regarding the different types of information you can find in your environment using our suite. 
  7. Microsoft Unified DLP Story (V) 
    1. Please view the above video to see an overview of our unified Microsoft DLP solution.  
  8. Learn about data loss prevention (D) 
    1. Learn about DLP basics and Microsoft Unified DLP and why it’s uniquely positioned to protect your data in the cloud.  
  9. Know and protect your sensitive data (V) 
    1. Check out the video above to understand how Microsoft Information Protection provides you with a comprehensive, unified, intelligent, and built-in solution to protect your sensitive data and prevent its loss.
  10. Data Discovery Concept (V)
    1. Check out the above SBD to go through the Data Discovery and Risk Analysis concept using a demo environment. 
  11. Understanding and maximizing the value of Microsoft's DLP Approach (V)
    1. The above video walks you through how to learn about the challenges with preventing data leakage and how to balance security with user productivity. 
  12. Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) | What it is and how to set it up in Microsoft 365 (V) 
    1. The video above helps you learn how Endpoint DLP completes our unified DLP story.  

Beginner Knowledge Check


Intermediate Level Training 


  1. Apply a sensitivity label to content automatically (D) 
    1. Here you will learn the difference between client-side and service-side auto labeling and how to deploy them  
  2. Custom Sensitive Information Types (D) 
    1. Check out the latest/greatest on creating custom SITs in your environment.  
  3. Create custom sensitive information types with Exact Data Match based classification (D) 
    1. Learn how EDM-based classification enables you to create custom sensitive information types that refer to exact values in a database of sensitive information. 
  4. Get started with trainable classifiers (D)  
    1. Learn how to take data classification to another level if custom Sensitive Information Types and EDM can’t meet your requirements.    
  5. Advanced Classification and Auto Labeling (V) 
    1. The video above goes into a deep dive regarding data classification and how to use in auto-labeling.
  6. Custom SITs and Client-side Auto Labeling (V)
    1. The above SBD goes through MIP custom SITs and the client-side auto-label features.
  7. Service-side Auto Labeling (V)
    1. The above SBD goes through MIP custom SITs and the service-side auto-label features
  8. Migrate Legacy DLP Policies (ETR) to DLP  (Playbook)
    1. Please use this guide as a starting point for migrating Exchange Transport Rules. 
  9. Extending Microsoft DLP Deployment to Endpoints (V) 
    1. The above video demonstrate how Endpoint DLP protects organizations from unapproved actions/sharing of project Obsidian on Endpoints (copy/paste, save locally/cloud, USB, upload to unapproved cloud apps, Edge).
  10. Microsoft Endpoint DLP: Sensitive Info Types as a Condition (Policy Trigger) (V)
    1. Check out how to create and use your custom created SIT with Endpoint DLP. 
  11. Sensitivity Labels for Containers (V)
    1. Check out the above SBD for more information on container classification and protection.
  12. Teams DLP (D)
    1. The above documentation walks through how to define policies that prevent people from sharing sensitive information in a Microsoft Teams channel or chat session.

Intermediate Knowledge Check


Advanced Level Training


  1. MIP with 3rd parties (V) 
    1. This video goes through our SDK offerings and the ability to apply MIP in third parties. 
  2. Continuing Microsoft Information Protection integration momentum (B) 
    1. Learn how integrations help customers adopt and derive the benefits of Microsoft Information Protection to meet their security and compliance requirements.
  3. Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) SDK setup and configuration (B) 
    1. The QuickStart and Tutorial articles are centered around building applications that use the MIP SDK libraries and APIs. 
  4. Get started with Office 365 Management APIs (B) 
    1. Learn how to use Management API to pull MIP events.  
  5. Office 365 Management Activity API and Power BI (B)
    1. Check out the blog above to learn how to leverage Management API for data visualization in Power BI.  
  6. Leverage M365 sensitivity labels to improve your Power BI deployment compliance and protect sensitive business data (V)
    1. Check out the video above to get a deep dive into our MIP and Power BI integration.  
  7. Protection for on-premises data (V)
    1. Check out the video on how to protect data on premises with MIP and how to deploy the AIP Scanner.   
  8. AIP Scanner (V)
    1. Check out the SBD above to see the AIP Scanner architecture, recommendation, installation and configuration.
  9. Microsoft Endpoint Management (Intune) with MIP part 1 (V)
    1. Check out the above SBD to see a discussion on the MEM and MIP integration part 1.
  10. Microsoft Endpoint Management (Intune) with MIP part 2 (V)
    1. Check out the above SBD to see a discussion on the MEM and MIP integration part 2.
  11. Preview Channels (OSS)
    1. A private Teams channel is the main communication for all preview programs. Request access to this channel to get involved.
  12. Double Key Encryption (D)
    1. Please check out the above documentation to see our offering on DKE.


Advanced Knowledge Check



Once you’ve finished the training and the knowledge checks, please go to our attestation portal to generate your certificate; you'll see it in your inbox within 3-5 business days (*UPCOMING*).


We have a great lineup of updates coming for the next rendition (next quarter). If you'd like anything covered, please comment below! In addition, please reach out to us if you have any content you'd like to include as well.


We hope you all enjoy this training!


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