Monday, November 1, 2021

5 Reasons to Join Upcoming Webinar: Build a Unified Analytics Platform with Synapse and Power BI

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Upcoming Webinar

With Microsoft Ignite starting tomorrow, we want every data professional participating to know about our upcoming webinar: Build a Unified Analytics Platform with Azure Synapse and Power BI.


Here are 5 reasons to register:


#1 Hear from product experts as they discuss the latest Azure Synapse innovations announced at Microsoft Ignite

At Microsoft Ignite, you’ll see multiple announcements of new features in Azure Synapse that enable data professionals to accelerate time-to-insight. In this webinar, we’ll go a level deeper and discuss these new features in detail.


#2 See multiple demos from the Azure Synapse engineering team

Since we will have data engineers, DBAs, data scientists, data analysts, and BI experts joining the webinar, there will be multiple demos that focus on different workloads and use cases. You’ll see demos focused on interactive data exploration over large data streams, logs from applications, websites, and IoT devices. As well as demos focused on how to accelerate deploying industry-specific solutions directly from Synapse.


#3 Learn more about the synergies between Azure Synapse and Power BI

Kim Manis, Partner Director of Product Management for Azure Synapse, will discuss and demo the native integration with Power BI. She’ll also walk-through multiple use cases such as building data marts for BI reports, exploring your data lake, and using the built-in Power BI authoring experience in the Synapse Studio.


#4 Hear best practices on how to simplify data integration workloads

Whether you want to learn more about code-first or code-free data integration, you’ll see demos and best practices on both. We’ll discuss new features that simplify your data integration tasks from beginning to end, as well as when to use Azure Synapse Link for operational analytics.


#5 Leave with detailed guidance on implementing Azure Synapse + Power BI

To help attendees get started on their next analytics/BI project, we will be providing new resources that outline step-by-step instructions and best practices for multiple data workloads that require Synapse and Power BI.


Register today

Registration is now open. We look forward to chatting with you virtually at the webinar!

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