Thursday, November 4, 2021

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) on Azure Stack HCI at Microsoft Ignite 2021!

I guess what people say about “time flying” is true…it has been almost a year since Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) on Azure Stack HCI announced its first public preview at Ignite 2020! Now, Ignite 2021 is here! In the past year, there has been lots of progress and change. In case you missed it, AKS on Azure Stack HCI brings AKS to your datacenter, allowing you to run your Windows and Linux workloads on-premises. We announced the general availability of AKS on Azure Stack HCI in May, and we have been continuing to release monthly updates with new features and bug fixes based on your feedback. 


Since May, we have developed several new features to improve your experience running your workloads on-prem. Just to give you an idea, we have added node pool support to give you more granular control over your Kubernetes clusters, automatic distribution of virtual machine data across multiple cluster shared volumes for higher availability and reliability, Calico CNI (Container Network Interface) integration, ContainerD support, and more! In addition to these fun new features, we have also made several UI (User Interfaces) improvements in Windows Admin Center to align more closely with the Azure portal and to reflect the new PowerShell changes. 


Check out the links below for the Ignite sessions pertaining to AKS on Azure Stack HCI and some general materials to get you started! 


Ignite Sessions: 

  • Mike Kostersitz’s lightboard session that walks you through the architecture of AKS on Azure Stack HCI and how to deploy the management and target clusters, along with a demo by Abhilasha Agarwala on how you can use Azure Policy, Azure Defender, and Azure Monitor to keep your infrastructure and applications secure and running:     
  • My on-demand session gives you an overview of AKS on Azure Stack HCI, how it is hybrid by design, and how you can manage your clusters post-deployment. This session includes 3 demos (Container insights by Auston Li, Arc GitOps and cluster upgrade demos by Matt Mcspirit)!: 
  • Executive keynote: Watch Scott Guthrie mention our customers like SKF utilize our product: 
  • Secure, Develop and innovate in hybrid & Multicloud with Azure: Listen to Roanne Sones highlight how our product will help customers focus more on their applications and not Kubernetes lifecycle: 
  • AKS on Azure Stack HCI Ask the Experts: 


General materials: 


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