Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Introducing Azure Synapse data explorer for log and telemetry analytics

Digital transformation is a key aspect of the new programming model of intelligent devices across the cloud. One of the key types of data that's arisen from this new application paradigm is telemetry. Telemetry data is everywhere: IoT sensors, app logs, web logs, infra logs, security logs, metrics, click streams, time series, and more. Powerful insights unlocked from this data drives advances in the connected devices that consumers and businesses rely on every day. 

Leveraging telemetry data demands a scalable platform that can handle large volumes of data and provide users with near-real-time insights to improve their operations and innovate. Traditionally, this data is stored and managed in silos, lacks real time visibility, has scale limitations, and is costly to maintain. Moreover, democratizing and correlating this data with businesses was complicated.

Introducing Azure Synapse data explorer

To empower customers to harness the full power of log and telemetry data, we announced yesterday the public preview of Azure Synapse data explorer. To complement existing SQL and Apache Spark runtime engines, the new data explorer runtime engine is optimized for efficient log analytics using powerful indexing technology to automatically index free-text and semi-structured data commonly found in telemetry data, such as logs, time series, events, and more. Azure Synapse data explorer adds tremendous value for its customers and plays a key role in driving positive impact across a variety of sectors, from transportation, to restaurants, to security.

Optimize operations by harnessing log and time series data

Azure Synapse data explorer works flexibly across customers’ hybrid cloud solutions to Azure. For example, a railway network company could trust Azure Synapse data explorer to replace its on-prem solution for log management. Safety is a top consideration for the transportation industry, where lives depend on real-time telemetry data. With massive infrastructures that extend nationwide, railway management companies need a platform that would ingest large volumes of time series and log data quickly, then create powerful insights and data visualizations natively in Power BI. Azure Synapse data explorer could enable a railway company to efficiently identify any patterns or irregularities across its vast transportation network, resulting in safer railway systems.

Real-time insights on custom events and log data

Using Azure Synapse data explorer, customers can build near real-time big data analytics on custom event and logs data, thus freeing up time and resources for a business to focus on their core value. For example, if a pizza franchise company wanted to improve their processes and insights in order to provide a consistent and stellar customer experience, they might be held back by slow and expensive log management solutions. However, with Azure Synapse data explorer engine, a pizza franchise company could see immediate benefits from quicker data ingestion, higher concurrency, and greater elasticity. This would allow them to focus on their core mission: delivering delicious pizza and consistent customer service across all franchises.

Real-time alerts and trends

With security threats, every second matters. Client onboarding delays, pipeline breakdowns, and query timeouts can be devastating, yet these are the very issues that could plague a cybersecurity & log management services provider. Their existing technology solution may hinder their ability to deliver on their core value proposition of accessibility and transparency. In this scenario, a cybersecurity provider could turn to Azure Synapse data explorer, which would provide them a data platform to equip their customers with valuable insights on threat detection, intelligence alerts, and security trends. As a result, cybersecurity providers can build stronger relationships and more trust with their users.

Azure Synapse data explorer creates meaningful connections across various data sources and databases. These days, companies and governments are flooded with exabytes of time-series, log, and telemetry data, streaming in from IoT devices, applications, and websites, and other sources. This constant stream of near real-time data can be overwhelming and slow. Using Azure Synapse data explorer’s distributed query engine, customers can unlock powerful insights, allowing them to focus on their core business, whether that’s creating a safer world or delivering the best pizza.

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