Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Keurig's connected smart coffee brewers enabled by Azure IoT Central

The Azure IoT team is excited by the recent launch of Keurig's K-Supreme Plus SMART Coffee Maker, and not just because we are coffee lovers (like most Seattleites), but also and mostly because Keurig chose Azure IoT Central as their cloud solution to release their first connected brewer product. Listen to the fireside chat joined by guests from Keurig and hosted by Azure IoT product team to get details on how Keurig leveraged Azure IoT Central features.


You can read a few of the reviews of the K-Supreme Plus Smart product here:

Here is an IoT Show episode during which we discover how Keurig is using IoT Central to manage their smart connected brewers.



Azure IoT Central recently released new features or enhanced existing features for this successful launch by Keurig to be possible, in particular related to scaling and resiliency. You can learn more about all the latest updates of Azure IoT Central features by visiting


Features which were called out in the IoT Show which enabled Keurig launch include


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