Monday, November 15, 2021

New Video: Growing Your IoT Business with Microsoft Defender for IoT and Edge Secured Core Devices

Microsoft Defender for IoT, formerly Azure Defender for IoT, is a comprehensive IoT/OT security solution for discovering IoT and OT devices, identifying vulnerabilities, and continuously monitoring for threats. Microsoft Defender for IoT is available in both an agentless and agent-based architecture.


The agent-based solution is a lightweight micro agent that enables device builders to build in advanced security capabilities directly into new IoT devices and Azure IoT projects. The agent-based solution provides endpoint visibility into security posture management, threat detection and integrates into Microsoft's other security tools to provide unified security management.


Recently, we were joined by Idan Perkal, Chris Hallum and Deepak Manohar on a webinar session which focused on the agent-based solution for managed devices. The session discussed how the product helps both IoT device builders to create devices with built-in security, as well as solution operators to assess and protect their devices.

We dove into the solution architecture, explaining the flow from the data sources up to the processing and response. Additionally, the session included two short demonstrations: the Device Inventory experience and the Threat Detection capability.


We also presented capabilities which are exclusively available to devices with Microsoft Defender for IoT built in, and how you as a solution operator can choose and buy these managed devices, and assure they have these security capabilities. We ended our discussion by talking about the benefits you receive when choosing Microsoft as your IoT security solution, and a look forward to the features that are coming soon.


Watch the full session to learn all about growing your IoT business with Microsoft Defender for IoT and Edge Secured Core Devices:


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