Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Q&A in Teams is in Public Preview. Try it now!

Today at Microsoft Ignite, we announced that Q&A for Teams meetings and webinars is now available for public preview. Q&A has been in private preview with many customers powering a range of meetings and webinars, and now - and thanks to their invaluable testing - we’re ready for more customers to use it and share their feedback on the experience.


By including Q&A in any Teams Meeting or Webinar, event organizers add the ability for attendees to have a focused, structured conversation where they can ask questions and engage in the discussion with the rich social Q&A features that they know and love.


Add Q&A to a Webinar or Meeting.Add Q&A to a Webinar or Meeting.

There are two types of core experiences: Unmoderated and Moderated Q&A.

  • Unmoderated Q&A enables all attendee questions to be immediately posted into the Q&A feed for your Meeting or Webinar.
  • Moderated Q&A requires questions to be reviewed by the Organizer, before being published for attendees to view and comment on.

Moderated Q&A: Organizers can choose to publish or dismiss questions.Moderated Q&A: Organizers can choose to publish or dismiss questions.

Attendee experience:

All attendees - whether they are a part of your Microsoft 365 tenant, a federated Microsoft 365 tenant, or a Guest user, get the same user experience in Q&A. They can ask questions, reply to questions, and post reactions from the Desktop and Mobile Teams experience across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Attendees engage in the social Q&A.Attendees engage in the social Q&A.

What’s ahead:

Stay tuned, we’ll be adding even more experiences to Q&A in 2022. Of course, we’re eager to hear from you about your experience with Q&A and the features you want us to build. Here are some highlights of what we're working on next:


  1. Meeting Delegate can add Q&A: Currently, Q&A can only be added by the Meeting organizer in Teams. Soon, we’ll support Delegates (e.g., Corporate Comms, Exec Admin roles) to also add Q&A to meetings that they organized on behalf of others.
  2. Enable directly from Outlook and Teams Calendar: Easily set up Q&A at the time of your event creation in Outlook and Teams.
  3. Q&A in Teams Web: Engage with Q&A in a Teams Meeting or Webinar using a web browser.
  4. Teams Meeting attendance report: See how attendees engaged in your event with Questions, Answers, Reactions, and more through the attendance report and data export.
  5. Anyone can join: Users without Microsoft 365 credentials can join Teams Webinars and Meetings and use Q&A.
  6. Post a question anonymously: Attendees can choose to post a question into Q&A anonymously (configurable by the Organizer).
  7. Advanced Moderator tools: Ability for moderators to “spotlight a question”, mark answered live, enable GIFs, etc.


  1. Event Organizer: How to add Q&A to your Webinar or Meeting.
  2. Microsoft 365 Admins: Administering the Q&A app. (Admin article about data storage, retention, types of users, etc.). Note: These documents will change as we add more features and when Q&A in Teams is Generally Available.
  3. Q&A Feedback form

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The Q&A in Teams Team, Microsoft. Woohoo!!

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