Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Register for Azure IaaS Day

(Guest post from Henry Yan & the rest of the Azure IaaS Marketing Team)


We are excited to host Azure IaaS Day, a free digital event on Nov 17, 2021, where you can learn about the latest innovations in Azure IaaS: compute, storage, and networking.




At this digital event, you’ll learn how a more secure, scalable, and reliable cloud infrastructure can help you run your business-critical workloads—leading to exciting growth and innovation in your business.


Register now to:


  • Learn about the latest innovations across compute, storage, and networking services on Azure to help you run your business-critical workloads.
  • Hear special announcements and learn about new certifications and tools especially for IT infrastructure pros.
  • Get insights from real-world customers and learn how they grew their businesses with Azure compute, storage, and networking services.
  • Engage with product experts and see the technologies in action with deep dive content and live demos.
  • Learn best practices and see real-world examples for running your business-critical apps with Azure IaaS.
  • See how Intel and Microsoft are partnering to deliver scalable, secure, and reliable infrastructure to customers.


Delivered in partnership with Intel.


Register here.


Hope to see you there!


 - Azure IaaS Marketing Team

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