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Surface Podcast Series - Session 06 - Surface Duo Scenarios in Healthcare

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I'd like to first thank my good friend and colleague Val Fallon, for being gracious enough to record this with me. Her genuine interest and willingness to help others is what has created this opportunity to meet with Dr. Ting and share his feedback.


We always wonder how important the hardware layers is to the relevance of the solutions we provide to customers. Specifically in health care we ask the question, "does the device I'm using to perform my work matter" The truth is yes, absolutely, it does. That is why at Microsoft we continue to innovate on new hardware.


One of the latest releases of hardware in the Microsoft Family is the Surface Duo 2.  Surface Duo 2 is reinventing mobile productivity. With two ultra-thin, high-resolution touchscreens, Surface Duo 2 opens up new ways to experience apps on a mobile device, letting you work in two apps side by side or extend one across both screens for a bigger visual surface.


Room for more. With two screens, you can do so much more on your mobile devices without having to constantly switch between apps. Now you can attend virtual meetings from anywhere without carrying a bulky device-–the power of 5G allows you to get done what matters in the moment. Share a presentation, brainstorm in Whiteboard, and meet face to face with more people in the large gallery with desktop Microsoft Teams features.1 View files on one screen and your slide deck on the other. Look up your ETA on one side while simultaneously updating your colleagues. Think about how twice the screen can change the way you work on the go.


True multitasking with apps built for two screens. With Surface Duo 2, enhanced Microsoft 365 apps1 intelligently make the most of two screens and unlock new levels of mobile productivity. See your colleagues on video and view the presentation simultaneously in Microsoft Teams. Scan your Outlook Email and consult your Calendar at the same time. Think about how much time that takes on your single-screen smartphone.


Drag and drop from one app to the next. Effortlessly slide images, text, files, and more between apps.1 Copying and pasting is notoriously irksome on traditional mobile experiences. Imagine the frustration the ability to drag and drop can save you and your team over time.


The Surface Duo is an amazing solution when it comes to providing a more efficient way of providing support in the clinical space. Dr. Ting in the video demo illustrates how it enables him to achieve more on a modern device. Please take the time to watch the video and provide feedback. Lastly if you're looking for a productivity device, consider the Surface Duo 2 as gamechanger.


Welcome to the World of Microsoft Hardware!



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