Thursday, November 18, 2021

The journey to Viva Topics adoption success: Intro

Welcome to our three-part blog series about Viva Topics adoption. In this series I’ll share insights from our early adopter customers and proven best practices, about how to be successful with Microsoft Viva Topics.


Harnessing the collective knowledge of employees to improve business outcomes has been a decades long challenge for organizations. Many organizations have kept at it because of the payoff – increased productivity, just-in time learning, knowledge retention, cost savings, improved innovation, and better decision making. It’s why we created Viva Topics and now you and your colleagues can be empowered with knowledge and expertise in the apps you use every day.


Early adopter customers are using Viva Topics for a variety of scenarios across human resources, sales and customer service, operations, and product/service development. Just a few examples include:


  • New employee and role onboarding: Provide new employees (and existing employees starting a new role) with the knowledge they need to successfully onboard and accelerate their time to productivity
  • Product knowledge base: Help employees learn about company products and services with easy access to product details, announcements, roadmaps, and a place to ask questions
  • In-context learning: Enable employees to learn about topics relevant to their jobs in the flow of their work
  • Knowledge networks: Enable employees with a common interest in a topic to share knowledge, connect, learn, solve, and create together

Check out the Viva Topics scenario catalogue to see how Viva Topics can help with these scenarios and more.


The right product is only part of the knowledge equation - people, culture, and curation need to be addressed. To realize the full value of Viva Topics, the values, attitudes, and behaviors of a knowledge culture need to persist in an organization. It’s not a switch you can just turn on, it’s a series of stages to progress through.




To help our customers move through these stages and accelerate their time to value with Viva Topics, we have designed an adoption golden path customers can follow.



I’ll go into depth on each phase of the golden path in this blog series. Next week I will cover the Initiate phase, outlining the planning, team onboarding, and set up necessary to prepare for implementation.


In the meantime, check out our new Viva Topics Adoption Guide to get started. 


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