Monday, November 8, 2021

The New Reality: Changing the Way We Teach And Learn

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The New Reality: Changing The Way We Learn.

Here at Enklu, we are reaching new heights in the world of learning, comprehension, and subject retention.. Using mixed reality simulations, we arm industry professionals with unparalleled ways of training and transforming their employees from day one.

Better yet, we start before day one… at a collegiate level.

It is our duty as innovators to use this technology for good. We have the power to create simulations that are life changing.

I know, I know, “our product is life changing” seems a bit… cliche, but ours really is.

Take our client Weill Cornell Medicine for example. Together we are creating simulations for surgeons to eliminate mistakes and increase precision, all while reducing blood loss of patients who are entrusting their lives to these medical professionals. With Enklu doctors will be able to see 3-D imagery of the exact patient they will perform surgery on. Prior to a real world setting, this can be given to students for real-world scenario training. To top it off, these 3-D simulations can be shared in-office with the patients to ease their mind and keep them informed through the whole process. 

Still not convinced?

Take our client CUAA. Together we are creating training simulations for students to assess and determine concussions on athletic fields. Before seeing one in real life, students will no longer only read about concussion warning signs. Students will see one first hand. We are taking the coursework out of the pages of a book and putting it into VR. Further enabling students to learn in first person, fully immersed. 


Putting this tool in the hands of educators and students gives new life to learning.

Humans learn concepts 30% faster when we can see something from multiple angles. It’s a simple fact that we retain information better when it's linked to a real-world environment as we can engage and interact with our hands!

Who needs immersive technology most? Our future industry leaders.

How? With Enklu.

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What's next? A fully accessible college library system.

Many of our collegiate clients are excited and ready to share their creations with fellow educators. We have created a roadmap for an inter-collegiate licensing system where educators can look for simulations that are relevant to their teachings, purchase, and then load the experience in a blink of an eye in-lens for students.

Enklu CEO, Ray Kallmeyer has said it best:


“When historians look back to the dawn of the information age, they'll point to a handful of turning points:

  1. When were we first able to share ideas across great distances
  2. Bring rich media with us wherever we go
  3. Or now, when did we start to connect with anyone in the blink of an eye


And yet, as powerful as these innovations are, people have been learning and working inside a box -- or screen -- for over a generation!

It’s time for the new generation to break those walls.

With spatial visualization, we can now share ideas instantly. 3D creation can now be iterated as quickly as the new ideas come from our imaginations. Mixed reality visualizations are the next step in the human evolution of understanding.


Doctors, professors, and technicians have something in common: expertise. They understand your field better than anyone else, though how can you communicate that to others? If you want to communicate most effectively, you'll need intuitive and powerful tools to make the best use of your limited time, while being easily received by others.

The clarity of spatial visualization is invaluable for you to connect with your audience. This connection provides unparalleled comprehension and engagement.”

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