Monday, November 1, 2021

Use “Azure Notification Hub Lab” tool to import/export registration.

This article introduce how to use the “Azure Notification Hub Lab” tool to import and export registration.


Pre-requirement: the namespace must be standard tier. Since free/basic tier dose not support job API.


We can access this tool at


  • Input the standard tier namespace connection string.



  • After finish loading, please load the hub data that we want to export.



  • We can export this hub registration. It need a blob storage account to store the exported registration. So we need to input the storage account name, key and container name. Those information can be found on Azure storage portal.


  Then we can click the Export button to export the registration. It may take a while. After the state changed from ‘Start’ to ‘Completed’. We can download the exported registration file.





  • After finish download this registration file. Please upload that registration file to a storage account. (Please notice that there is a random folder name in the exported registration blob file. So please do not use the storage setting in exported tab. )



After finish upload the registration file. Please input the uploaded storage blob file information in “Import Registration” page. Then we can import registration.

When its state changed from “Started” to “Completed”, it will finish import the registration. We can download the output log or error log to check the imported registrations and confirm whether there is any error.





  • We can also query the registration with registration id, channel id or tag to confirm whether the registration already been imported in the hub.



This tool will be useful if we want to make a backup of the registration. Or if we want to setup a secondary namespace for disaster recovery.

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