Thursday, November 18, 2021

Video 5 of the Azure VMware Solution Zero to Hero Series!

Continuing with our Azure VMware Solution (AVS) zero to hero video series, this week the next video releases! In this video, Shabaz Darr (@ShabazDarr) and I cover monitoring and operations for Azure VMware Solution, taking you from zero closer to hero in the fifth video of the series!



We begin by talking through monitoring and alerting inside the Azure VMware Solution environment. There are several native services that can be used to help assist with your native monitoring needs. Azure Monitor is the service that needs to first be enabled. Afterward, customers will want to create a Log Analytics workspace for log ingestion coming from Azure Monitor logs and Azure Monitor metrics. Enabling a Log Analytics workspace allows for onboarding of Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Azure Sentinel, Azure Update Management, Azure Automation, and finally Azure Arc. All of these services provide visibility into performance, security posture, security incident event management, and operations tools involved with patching servers.

At the tail end of the video, I demo how to onboard Azure Arc to an AVS VM. Enabling Azure Arc allows the AVS VMs to be treated like VMs in the Azure Portal where customers can apply Azure Policies, tie the VM to a Log Analytics workspace for log ingestion, and patch servers. The demo walks through enabling Azure Arc, Azure Policy, tie the Azure Arc VM to a Log Analytics workspace and query the workspace for information coming from the AVS VMs, and finally I onboard Azure Update Management to provide patching for the VMs in AVS.

Tune in 2 weeks from now when we unveil the final video of the series! Feel free to like, share, subscribe to Shabaz’s I Am IT Geek YouTube channel for more content as time unfolds and look for another blog post next week that sets the stage for our next video.

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