Tuesday, November 9, 2021

What´s new from Ignite for your Champions community to empower everyone in Microsoft Teams

Creating and founding a community is the best start to empower everyone in the company. Microsoft Teams as a central place for everything around Adoption for the Champions Team itself is highly recommended. We are working with the tool; we want to bring into the company. So, the Team learn more about the usage, can create workflows and give feedback to Microsoft and the internal IT Team.

Moreover, it´s recommended to add training and learning material in this Champions Microsoft Teams Team like the Microsoft Teams Adoption Website or some of the Adoption material like Templates and Banner.

At Ignite 2021 in November there were a lot of materials announced for your Champions Team. As a example have a look at the new Power Platform Adoption material https://adoption.microsoft.com/powerplatform.


#PeopleFirst - Across Microsoft the concept of putting people at the center of all our technology decisions and advancements continues to expand is one of the main topics. So Microsoft and especially Karuana Gatimu bringing the three key point to Microsoft Ignite:

  1. People and their business outcomes are our priority.
  2. Technology is here to improve, impact and expand our ability to achieve more.
  3. Insights and priorities are clarified when we remember people are the point, not the technology itself.

Which helps you to bring the focus in your Champions Team and to all people in your company.

Furthermore, nearby learning and testing the discussion with other people is a main topic. On this Ignite 2021 H2 the Microsoft Adoption Team brining a new area on the list. The Drive Adoption program with there own Twitter handle @MSFTAdoption and the direct link to the Tech Community Area https://aka.ms/DriveAdoption. Bring this into your Adoption Team and connect to other people, discuss and learn.

At least for Microsoft Teams a new Feedback Portal is announced. The new portal is a Microsoft one, with new Design and new options to bring ideas to the Microsoft Teams Product group. It´s now your task to take the new link https://aka.ms/TeamsFeedbackLaunch and add it to your team to give everyone the chance to bring new ideas and features directly to Microsoft for the next Microsoft Teams versions.

Now it´s your turn.


Raphael Koellner combining the law and the information technology in particular the cloud computing and Compliance, Security and GDPR. He worked for universities, Microsoft Germany (DX), law companies and Microsoft Partners. As an Executive consultant for BDO Digital GmbH as a part of BDO AG and his own company digitallawyer.de he worked for huge international companies. Raphael Koellner is Microsoft Regional Director. He is an 8-time MVP for Office Apps & Services, Insider MVP from the first hour, Teams ELITE 100 Program member, MCT and Microsoft Student Partner. As a Microsoft MVP, Raphael is a frequent speaker at international events and conferences. He is the lead of the Office 365 Usergroup Germany, the Azure Meetup Cologne and founded the compliancefam.

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