Thursday, December 16, 2021

A brand new web console for Orchestrator 2019

System Center Orchestrator is the datacenter workflow management solution that's commonly used to automate datacenter operations including creation, monitoring, and deployment of data center resources. We consistently hear feedback from customers on enhancing the user experience and support for modern browsers. Thanks to the Orchestrator community for the continued support and feedback.    


We are excited to announce the release of brand new web console for System Center Orchestrator 2019. The new web console works well on modern browsers without Silverlight dependency. As you are all aware, the old Orchestrator console was built on Silverlight and Silverlight has been completely discontinued. Read more about the Silverlight announcement here.

The new web console brings in additional capabilities that includes the following.

  • The older version of SCO web console runs only on IE. The new version works on modern browsers like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome.
  • The new Web console does not use Silverlight.
  • The new OData v4 JSON based Web API simplifies all the endpoints, most notably the ones for Job management.
  • The console also works well along-side the old Web service and old Web console.

The new console for System Center Orchestrator 2019 can be downloaded from here. We would like to inform that the new console will also be part of our upcoming System Center 2022 release. If you are interested to know more about System Center 2022, read our recent blog here.


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