Thursday, December 16, 2021

Azure SQL VM: Best Price-Performance with Ebdsv5 Series (Ep.6) | Data Exposed

There are a number of different VM sizes available to host your SQL Server workloads, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right mix of vCPUs and I/O throughput for your needs. We’re thrilled to introduce a new series of VMs built specifically for I/O intense workloads like SQL Server – the Ebdsv5 series, now in public preview. In this episode with Anna Hoffman, Priya Shan, and Pam Lahoud, we’ll cover what we love about this new series, and why it offers the best price-performance for your SQL Server workloads in Azure VMs.


SQL Server on Azure VM - Now with 30% better price-performance on the new Ebdsv5 VM series:
Preview sign up for new memory-optimized Intel 3rd Gen Xeon scalable processor in Azure:
Checklist: Best practices for SQL Server on Azure VMs:

Azure SQL Virtual Machine Reimagined Series:

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