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Connecting networks of information with Microsoft Graph connector partners

Boundary-less search is only as good as the sources it has access to. We recognize that organizations have a wealth of data in other third-party services and applications.  


With Microsoft Graph connectors, Microsoft Search connects and consolidates information, so your users don’t have to know where to look for what they need. With Microsoft Graph connectors, you can index your external systems to deliver intelligent results across Microsoft 365 apps and services, regardless of where that information resides. 


Through native connectors and an expansive partner ecosystem, Microsoft Search surfaces content wherever it lives allowing you to centralize access to information and improve productivity – whether choosing a connector from Microsoft or one of our preferred partners. 


Below, we have included great examples of how our partners can enhance your search.


Partner integrations now available 



With the Box Connector for Microsoft Graph, content in Box can be surfaced across the Microsoft ecosystem, including Office 365, Office Online search, and SharePoint. It's easier than ever for joint Box and Microsoft users to discover, explore, and navigate through content, and the integration reduces the overall friction for users who need to manage content across multiple platforms. 


The Box Connector for Microsoft Graph delivers the following benefits for end users: 


  • Accessibility: Wherever you are in the Microsoft application environment, you’ll have access to your Box content, so you'll always have the latest versions of your files at your fingertips. You'll save time and energy, as you won't waste either whilst searching across various content repositories, digging for multiple versions of outdated files that you would otherwise need to consolidate or update. 
  • Interoperability: At Box, we've worked hard over the years to enhance interoperability with Microsoft. This Box connector for Microsoft Graph takes the Box experience in Microsoft to the next level by connecting Box and Microsoft across many more endpoints for users.  
  • Frictionless security: Wherever Box content is surfaced, Box’s enterprise grade security and compliance automatically applies to that content, so you have greater peace of mind. 

Visit https://support.box.com/hc/articles/4403605037587-Box-Graph-Connector to learn more about the Box Connector for Microsoft Graph.


Box content in Microsoft SearchBox content in Microsoft Search



Go1 is a Microsoft-backed learning technology company that enables organizations to access training content wherever their employees are – in Microsoft Search, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva and more. Go1 has the world's largest corporate training content library, comprising hundreds of content providers and hundreds of thousands of courses that can help a company meet its learning and development needs across its entire employee base. Providing value to companies across the globe in all industries, Go1 can become your one-stop shop for all your learning & development needs. 


With its Microsoft Search integration, Go1 indexes the Go1 library and a company's own training content, making it searchable for employees in places like Office.com, SharePoint and Bing for Business. By surfacing learning in applications where employees are spending their day, a workforce is empowered to take more control over what, when, and how they learn, all in the flow of their work. Finding training associated with key topics, themes, or areas of interest has never been easier.  Find out more about Go1's content library and integration with Microsoft Search at https://www.go1.com/go1-microsoft-search.




Priority Matrix

Appfluence produces Priority Matrix, a leading priority management solution for managing tasks, emails, and meetings, available in all major platforms, and deeply integrated with Office 365. Priority Matrix helps customers focus on high-impact work and implements time-proven methodology that helps top-performing teams' surface contextually relevant information across all communication channels. 


The Priority Matrix Graph connector syncs relevant customer data with their own Microsoft account. Customers will then be able to search and access Priority Matrix data across the Office 365 ecosystem (currently supported on Bing and SharePoint). Customers can search and discover important Priority Matrix priorities directly in their work environment without context switching.  

Priority Matrix users can already enable their Microsoft Graph connector and start synchronizing their task and project data with their Microsoft accounts. The initial setup process requires administrative access, but it is transparent to the end user once it’s been configured for the organization. 



Integrations coming soon 


Adobe Sign 

Adobe document workflow and esignature solutions are already deeply integrated with Microsoft technologies - with native integrations in Teams, Microsoft 365 apps, SharePoint, Dynamics, and more.  This allows users to create and collaborate, and securely transact – all within the flow of work. 


With Microsoft Graph, we are excited to enable Adobe Acrobat users to search for and find agreements and documents across Office.com, SharePoint, and Bing. 


With the Adobe Sign connector for Microsoft Graph, users will be able to quickly search for an agreement to check for pending signatures. With Microsoft’s Intelligent Discovery users will automatically be recommended newly signed agreements as an important file, based on recent activity. Reducing the time to check on signature status, and being actively prompted with newly completed agreements, reduces the cycle time for everything from sales contract closure to employee onboarding. 


Adobe Sign connector for Microsoft Graph will be available in the first half of 2022. For more information on Adobe Document Cloud, see www.adobe.com/documentcloud. 


eCare Vault 

Safe Spaces™ by eCare Vault for Microsoft Teams is using Microsoft Graph connectors to move non-sensitive data into the Graph, making it easy for staff, providers supporting students, and other individuals to find personalized content stored securely within their Safe Spaces account. 


Through enterprise search or office 365 file listing office - right alongside the familiar applications such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel - the user can find documents that have been shared with them though eCare Vault and Safe spaces and links to the Spaces they have been shared through. 


Safe Spaces uses Graph connectors to enable secure and granular access to the search data, allowing system admins to easily audit process adherence and compliance – ensuring both safety and security. Providing access to this information supports better outcomes through care collaboration and coordination of services for vulnerable children, youth, and adults, and Safe Spaces meets users where they are by using compliant communication between Microsoft 365 and eCare Vault.  


Contact safespaces@ecarevault.com to learn more about the eCare Vault Graph connector.


eCareVault Graph connectoreCareVault Graph connector



Wrapping up 

Keep up to date with the latest Microsoft Search innovation by bookmarking our roadmap at https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-365/roadmap?rtc=1&filters=Microsoft%20Search and learn about what’s new and what’s next for connecting your network of information at What’s new and what’s next for Microsoft Graph connectors. 


Also, check out these resources to get started with Microsoft Graph connectors:

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