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Explore the 2022 Imagine Cup categories

The 2022 Imagine Cup is where passion meets innovation! You can build with other students from around the world to make a difference by innovating to help solve pressing issues in four categories: Earth, Education, Health, and Lifestyle.


Let’s take a closer look at each category and some of the impressive projects as imagined by the 2021 World Finalists.  The examples illustrate the broad range of topics that the categories encompass and perhaps will provide inspiration to help you come up with your own successful idea!


The Earth category focuses on issues like climate change, agriculture, and green tech. We are consuming the Earth’s resources at a growing rate; technology can help us better sustain our natural resources and create a better world.  Projects in this category can help monitor, manage, and improve upon how we use our earth’s resources.


2021 Imagine Cup World Finalists’ solutions included:

  • A mobile app that leverages gamification to empower users to lead sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles
  • A smart ear tag for livestock that can detect the early onset of illness in real-time, lowering costs and increasing animal welfare along with farmers' peace of mind
  • A miniature version of an environmental satellite that provides users information about environmental parameters like altitude, temperature, humidity, dust, and pressure

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The Education category focuses on innovating to improve the way students across the globe learn. Education influences all our lives and leads to empowerment, opportunity, and the development of new skills and technologies the world needs. Projects in this category help empower every student to learn more and promote lifelong learning, employability, and equal opportunity. 


Last year’s World Finalists’ projects included:

  • A mobile app and device that allow facilitation of digital learning at an affordable cost to low-income families and marginalized communities
  • A set of remote laboratories that allows students to observe and remotely control physical tools online in real-time for their courses
  • A catalog of learning resources organized into a network of topics that is community-driven and based on ratings and reviews from real learners 

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The Health category focuses on using technology to transform and reimagine health-related issues such as treatment, diagnosis, accessibility, and more.  Health is critical to everyone; as stated by the American writer Augusten Burroughs, "When you have your health, you have everything.  When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all".  Projects in this category focus on helping individuals live their fullest lives through novel health and accessibility tech innovations while working to create ensure equal access for all. 


2021 Imagine Cup World Finalists’ solutions included:

  • An early detection platform for Parkinson’s disease utilizing smartphone sensor data
  • An infant screening system that digitally monitors the growth of babies and sends data to doctors remotely for timely intervention
  • A mobile app to help individuals with physical disabilities and speech difficulties to effectively communicate with anyone by detecting objects in a user's surrounding environment to generate possible responses

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The Lifestyle category focuses on projects that shape how we game, play, and live. As our reliance on tech increases in our daily lives, innumerable opportunities arise for innovation in the areas of recreation and building connections and community while shaping our passions, hobbies, and work. Projects in the Lifestyle category involve technology that adds purpose and meaning to our lives, providing us with opportunities to enrich our lives through entertainment, information, creative outlets, connection, and relaxation.


Last year’s World Finalists’ projects included:


  • An AI social mask based on semantic extraction and symbol communication to address the problems of inefficient communication and high social threshold caused by masks
  • An extension program for children that filters hate speech in text and videos on websites
  • An intelligent vision spherical inspection robot to be used in consumer-grade entertainment projects, security inspections, environmental inspections, and national defense and military applications

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If you’re competing in the 2022 Imagine Cup competition and already have an idea for a project, that’s terrific!  If you need inspiration, check out the GitHub training course to get tips for developing your project.  There’s also the channel in Discord for registered competitors accessed through your Imagine Cup account page where you can discuss your ideas with Microsoft mentors.  And check out the 2022 Imagine Cup Microsoft Learn modules that have been curated to help you generate a winning idea!


We wish all participants good luck. We can't wait to see what you bring to the competition this year!

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