Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Update 2108 now available for Azure Stack Hub

For operators, please check out the complete release notes incl. changes and fixes as well as expected runtimes for this update here: https://aka.ms/ASH2108RN 


What’s new:

  • Azure Stack Hub operators can now configure GPU quotas for VMs.
  • Emergency VM Access is now available in Azure Stack Hub without contacting Microsoft Support.
  • Windows Server 2022 is now supported as a guest operating system.
  • Starting with this version, if proactive log collection is disabled, logs are captured and stored locally for proactive failure events. The local logs can only be accessed by Microsoft in the context of a support case. New alerts have been added to the proactive log collection Alert library.
  • Two new services, Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Container Registry, are available in public preview with this release.
  • With this release, telemetry data is uploaded to an Azure Storage account that's managed and controlled by Microsoft. Azure Stack Hub telemetry service connects to https://*.blob.core.windows.net/ and https://azsdiagprdwestusfrontend.westus.cloudapp.azure.com/ for a successful telemetry data upload to Microsoft. Port 443 (HTTPS) must be opened. For more information, see Azure Stack Hub telemetry.
  • This release includes a public preview of remote support, which enables a Microsoft support professional to solve your support case faster by permitting access to your device remotely, so that support engineers can perform limited troubleshooting and repair. You can enable this feature by granting consent, while controlling the access level and duration of access. Support can only access your device after a support request has been submitted. For more information, see Remote support for Azure Stack Hub.


  • When the external SMB share is almost full, the alert description has been adjusted to align with progressive backup.
  • To prevent upload failures, the number of parallel infrastructure backup repository uploads to the external SMB share is now limited.
  • Replaced Node-Inaccessible-for-vm-placement alert with alerts to distinguish between host-unresponsive scenarios and hostagent-service-on-node-unresponsive scenarios.
  • App Service now has the ability to discover the default NAT IP for outbound connections

Unrelated to this update but might be fun, we also published a product video with our marketing partners on the rugged line up of Azure Stack devices, and I thought you might appreciate it if you haven’t seen it. https://youtu.be/DcpxuTh_62Q 


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