Thursday, January 13, 2022

22 Conversations starters for 2022

Start the new year with some fresh conversations. Ask questions from your community, connect new members into the conversation, and draw from other experiences. We’ve pulled together a list of questions that invoke conversations and are simple to reframe to fit the needs of your community.  Feel free to use these throughout the year to start conversations within any of your communities.


Open Ended Questions

  1. What help do you need with this week/month/year?
  2. What are your favorite sources of information/resources for this community?
  3. Who should be part of this community and isn’t yet?
  4. What was one book would you recommend related to this community?
  5. Share highlights from the meetings you attended this week/month/year
  6. What are your high/lows from the week/month/year?


Career Related

7. What is the one thing that surprised you when you took your current position?

8. What is something that people consistently ask you for help with?

9. What is something you know now that you did not know when you started this role/community?

10. Based on your experiences, what advice would you give to a first-time manager? 


11.Who can you recognize or thank this week? Start by saying thank you using a Praise.

12. Who is someone that made a difference early in your career and why?



 Daily Routine

13. What are three websites/apps that you visit daily?

14. How do you keep up with the news and current events?

15. What is one ritual you do every day? 


Respond with image / GIF / Emoji

16. Describe your week using only a GIF

17. Using a GIF what is one thing on your bucket list?

18. Share how you feel after the first sip of coffee or tea using a GIF

19. You are going on vacation and the plane leaves in an hour, share where you are going using a GIF!

20. What technology do you think will be obsolete in the next 10-20 years?


GIF convo starter.gif                                                     


Finish the sentence

21. This week I learned… (and go first!)

22.This is how I decided to… (change, fix, address)


Bonus: Just for fun

  • How do you celebrate your birthday?
  • After a long day, do you tend to hang out with friends and family or spend time alone?
  • What is your favorite board/card/video game?
  • What’s your favorite part about going on vacation?
  • What’s something you wish you had more time to focus on, but haven’t been able to?
  • What will be better in 2022 than it was in 2021? Why?
  • Who is your BFF at work and why? Do they agree? @mention them and find out! :>



Need more resources to get the conversation started in your community? Check out the Campaign Playbook for step-by-step ideas and for you to adapt and customize to your community. Or view the “What do I post on Yammer” guide for more ideas.





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