Thursday, January 13, 2022

Feedback requested for VS Code Educator Community

Hello there! 

The Visual Studio Code team is hoping to create a centralized community for educators who use the editor to ask questions, share best practices or resources, and learn from each other. The team also hopes to use this as a platform to share features and demos of VS Code for common educational scenarios. 

We have a few questions for you before we go forward with this, we would greatly appreciate it if you can answer in the comments! 

1. What would be your primary reason for joining the community?

2. What platform would you prefer and why? (Discord, Slack, GitHub, etc)
3. Do you participate in any similar communities for other educator-tools? If so, what's the best thing about it? What's one thing we can improve upon?

4. What communities do your students typically get help with VS Code from? 

For any questions or additional comments, please reach out to Harald,, or me, Thank you!

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